Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yugioh: The devil's card game?

yea im sure some of you have heard of it when you were young:

"avoid yugz ! the monsters on them are evil."

"what are u doing playing card games. its the way the devil tries to manipulate u"

"those blue eyes white dragons will turn into spirits and play around in your room at night"

These comments would usually be made by someone of religious background such as a church pastor or a concerned parent, or perhaps a traditionally-based grandparent.

But wait ! Don't close this page yet. This page has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Being a christian myself, i am not sure how to respond to those allegiated comments above ^ but i am not going to disregard the fact that the game has its ways of bringing out a person's bad side.

Today's topic concerns ethics.

Truthfully there is nothing much left to post on the blog anymore. Or on any yugi-related content page like ARG etc because we have covered all the fundamental basics of yugioh in previous posts, explored and explained decks but then we also cannot post on tech cards or personal lists because it will put us on a disadvantage to future readers. SO, i figured, we had to post something different. Michael Bonacini from Death Aspect posted on how Konami and the game lost its way, which is a very informative read, if you haven't checked it out, you should. And, the rest of the format is stale. Theres only 1 major WCQ coming up, and truthfully, i dont give a fuck! (but i will still continue to explore it because i have friends who are playing it, so must help !) So thats why im posting these random posts these few days.

Yeah you knew for sure this topic was bound to be covered sooner or later. In fact, i had to write a fucking long essay on global business ethics for one of my final papers in uni , and i swore i would never ever write about ethics for a very very long time.

And how wrong i was. Well fuck me right?

The basic category ethics i will be pointing out is :

1) Game ethics
2) Personal ethics
3) Communal ethics


Game ethics:

Stacking, cheating and sharking.

These are 3 of the main problems with the players. In a game of yugioh, which is just a trading card game, which is just a personal hobby, is there any need to go to this extreme? Why are people so power hungry, that they have to resort to doing such things to destroy their reputation?

Stacking is the most prominent form of cheating. In my opinion, if you stack, you should be ashamed of yourself. Saying being good at stacking and doing it is one of the characteristics of a winner is just plain stupid, and if you are thinking that, you need a reality check. Every player should know how to stack to avoid being stacked, but should you do it? No. It is unfair to the player, and i dont have to continue my paragraph because you know exactly what i am going to say. Claiming you are good because you have stacked your opponent and destroyed him is the most frustrating thing to deal with.

Personally, in my first event, i tried to stack my opponent in round 1 of ACQ MAS 2012. But what happened in the end? I counterstacked myself by drawing a total trash hand in g2 (bad luck on my part, and probably deserved it considering what i did), and in g1 i got topdecked reborn in the late game. To my opponent, joe, if you are reading this, i am coming clean, and i wish to apologize for what happened. I hope i earn your apology, but then, i'd understand if i didn't. But after that incident, i have never cheated or stacked ever again in my history of competitive yugioh.

Simon He's disqualification has caused a very big uproar in the TCG, and the incident could not have come at a better time. As a malay proverb once said, the higher you rise, the further you fall (ok taken from lfn.blog and not the exact 1, cos the malay has some shit about a squirrel but its the same thing). Simon He's success was so large that an allegation like that destroyed his whole career, people have lost all respect for him, and although his personal statement has not arised, we cannot safely say he is neither right nor wrong.

But one thing about Simon and other cheaters is that they had the humility and face to know when they are wrong. There are cheaters who openly admit their mistakes and people are aware of their wrongdoings but they continue to do it without having a single guilty conscience.

Sharking is possibly one of the easiest ways to chalk off a free win. Sharking on correct rulings, or no taking back plays and other things like marked sleeves is legit. It is the duty as a player to know their rulings, or to consult a judge, or to think properly before making a play, or to make sure their sleeves are clean. But, to use it as a last resort is terrible to win the game. This happened to a friend in MAS WCQ2013. After beating him legitly (sacking him lolol but still legit win) , his opponent proceeded to make a commotion and call a judge for marking his cards. When the judge ruled the appeal as null and void, the player gave up and signed the result slip. Different allegations have happened before, as i personally have been sharked for something which was not legit by the same player (although not made into a commotion), and he has tried to make a big fuss in the previous wcq in the top tables.


Communal ethics.

What the game brings out are people who :

1) rip people off
2) bully people who aren't of an elite group
3) destroy reputations


Personal ethics.

This concerns bribing of most parts.

TBH im already really sick of writing this article and wish i could just go to the end. Which i will. And which is why i cut the 2 points above short.

You may respond to tell me:

 "get over it you cunt , if you dont like it just quit"


"get over it cunt, it happens everywhere in life. "

My response to that is:

Nobody is beyond the point of saving. Asking a person to leave or quit a game which they are trying to point out certain flaws is just dumb and ingrateful. And to those who says it happens everywhere in life, all i can say is if you are going to resort to all this in a children's trading card game, you need a reality check.

And as some person said in an Australian Yugioh Group, "It's weird that ill fortuned nerdy people pick on each other too. It would seem to me that we should all just get a long and make a group of super happy best friends."  

Thats all for today.


Calvin said...
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Calvin said...

Its okay. I know ppl that are worst! xD

CS said...

Interesting how you wrote something about this - about 3 weeks ago something I wrote got sent to the Konami office in Europe... and of course, no response as expected.

Either way I agree something needs to be done. Konami plays a major role and because they can, they need to take action now.

Otherwise, repercussions for them.

Oh, but it is worth noting that its inevitable that anyone who cheats and/or has attitude issues eventually fall, and when they do, they fall quite hard.

mike said...

@cs- yez they get butt hurt ^^

@calvin- =C

mike said...

@calvin- also im nt sure which calvin you are from singapore, but then im pretty sure that some of the ppl im talking abt u also familiar with...

Calvin said...

Yea. I should be the calvin that you are thinking. =x

mike said...

@ calvin- the topshop2012 champ?

Alato said...

yea, this is just a game, there is not much point in resorting to sneaky ways or being a bad sport about it. Unless their lives depend on yugioh lolol.

Syncbeat said...

Aha, Nelson and I (dylan) were talking about these exact type of stuff (among other similar things_ a few days ago
It is like, yeah alright if you wanna be super competitive and win then do so...but don't fuck with everyone else's fun in the process...just disrespectful and pathetic