Friday, June 14, 2013

Dragon Rulers: The Ideal List

What would i have played ? If i could go back:

Lol nah jokes, Its true that i would have played prophecy, but then learning it takes ages, and i dont have access to judgment days, Junons etc. 

So..... down to the dragon list! 

PS: This is a horrible list. It is just in testing.

The first thing you notice is i cut breakthrough skill for forbidden chalice. Chalice > BTS imo, and i would just play 2.

The 2nd thing you notice is i am replacing Droll birds in main for psy blocker.

The deck is at 42, because i am cutting dark hole to my side deck, (i am playing 41 cards)

I am also only going to discuss side for prophecy and mirror here because nothing else really matters. If you lose to thunder family, you can join me in the hall of shame =)


However, i have not had time to revamp my sidedeck.

Playing Fusiiler + EEV is amazing but fusiler can be horrible at times in the sense that you need skill drain to back it up. Of course you can choose to side in skill drain eev fusilier into verz but i would not recommend it because your deck already destroys verz (i would just bring in the MST)

yesterday i was testing 2 decree, 2 horus, and 2 puppet plant.

Now i will go over various side cards:

Fusilier + skilldrain + eev- really good but a 2 card combo can be hard to assemble. Skill drain is amazing vs prophecy, and fusilier at 2.8k puts in alot of work. Never eev on standby phase. Always wait till they can deal with their fusilier and then eev. Or wait till they play something and you chain to make their tower star hall miss timing. However, beware that prophecy players will try to bait out your eev as much as possible sometimes when they dont even have tower in hand. Do NOT be taken in and suckered. Conserve and make the optimal timing play.

Puppet plant- This card is amazing. Taking jowgen, blowing him up, Taking kycoo and stpping plays is more than amazing. I just want to make love to this card if i could.  7/10

EEV- EEv has incredible inconsistencies and the only consistent way to resolve it is to play it along with fusilier. But to play that, you must also play skill drain just in case your opponent has a full monster/trap hand. It is also one of the only ways to destroy a whole set up field of star halls/tower.

decree + horus- was amazing at first but then it became horrid in the end when i drew horus with card destruction. or when i drew horus lvl 8 with ntg else in hand, and from that moment on i knew i would nvr fucking touch horus ever again. and neither should you. Like its amazing if you resolve it, but you do NOT auto win. because jowgen, junon, Lily, and compuls is still a card.  0/10

Kycoo- amazing card nonetheless. Worth siding and making space for it. 7/10

Ryko- decent card in slow grind games. Can be used vs verz too. Ryko should be paired with Tsukuyomi for an ideal side. 6/10

MST- one of the best side cards. You must play it to hit soul drain etc 8/10

Tsukuyomi- really good card but psy blocker is superior imo. Tsukuyomi is stellar but it is also really predictable. 7/10

droll & lock bird- 5/10. this card is really really good, but i always draw him at the wrong time so biasedness reduces it to 5/10 :(

These are the only cards i consider playing vs prophecy.


Dragon mirror-

Compulsory evacuation device- really really good card and one of the only cards which helps you break the vanity emptiness big eye lock. Effective vs OCG if they try to emptiness + stardust you. 8/10

Electric virus- good too but then it can only hit dragons and machines. Doesnt have much cool chaining utilities compared to econ. 6/10. Can be easily played around.

Enemy Controller- the superior e-virus. can be used to take opponent's crimson blader, or prevent a crimson blader attack. can also prevent a colossal fighter otk ^^ You can chain to big eye if they veiler and then proceed to take  2 of their cards. Teammate first tested this card before Japan and DGz and was supposed to be a surprise card to take WCQ but sadly everyone else found out about it before hand :D  9/10

vanity's emptiness- another really good card with potential. Emptiness allows you to dictate the pace of the duel by choosing when to turn it off. Most of the time they wont be able to get rid of your field if you are controlling with emptiness, lest they clear your monster with dark hole. Then next turn you can proceed to swarm and bait out their scarecrow.  8/10

Swift scarecrow- the best sidedeck card. a must play in 2. 10/10

Obelisk- During testing on dn, obelisk was awesome. Then you take it to a 8 round swiss tournament and its inconsistencies start to show. I would not recommend you siding this. 5.10

Exploder dragon- the alternative to obelislk. Exploder allows you to stop obelisk because it doesnt target. I would rather side exploder because it is more versatile as it helps with rogue matchups and Verz.

My side for dragon will definitely include either 2 compul/2 emptiness , 2 scarecriow and at least 1 econ.

My side for prophecy will not include horus and decree , however i may test the fusilier eev side, or just side mst, eev, puppt plant and kycoos (a combination of them)

I am not giving a definite build because dragons are a very personal build but i am suggesting what i think is good, and you can choose to test them. At the same time i dont have the time to fully test out my choices as im in the midst of exams.

Thats all for today.


Jeffrey Leung said...

Do you side out gold sarc/super rejuv?

mike said...

reju: never

sarc: never, unless its last resort, but never.

petqwe said...

Is there a reason to play Dragunity Corseca instead of Guard of Flamvell?

Sorry but I just don't understand what great difference they may make.

mike said...

Emmm basically because banishing tempest isn't as much of a liability compared to banishing blaster. Blasters size makes a lot of difference. Also, in the argument of having more fire for boasters effect, I can say I main 2 psyblocker which helps negate whatsoever. Or , with more winds in hand, the chances of me getting another fire/blaster is actually really high because I can just tempest corsesca into a missing fire piece.

Unknown said...

How can you make tower/starhall missed their timing?