Sunday, March 24, 2013

malaysia acq 2013 coverage

The top 8 are:

6 dragons
1 prophecy
1 evilswarm

players are:

1) alex- 4d
2) andrew- 4d
3) alvin- prophecy
4) sam- verz
5) shahmir- 4d
6) wen shen- 4d
7) wesley- 4d
8) zack- 4d

The top 4 was :


finals were: 
sam vs zack, 

and sam emerged as champion!

coverage is all up on our HLG Fb page. Blogs are out of style, FB pages are the in thing.

I will have the top 8 decklists posted there too, so stay tuned. Currently i have 2 obtained, 3 will be posted by our members who topped, and 3 more which i will obtain in some way. 

The blog will be used for articles only and coverage for events will be done on FB. have a nice day people

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