Friday, February 15, 2013

Ban List IMPACT!

Well, technically.....

nothing happened.

windup died like dog.

sangan gone cos everydeck has its own themed searcher anyway.

No one really sides more than 2 raious anyway. more prophecy abuse ! And you cant negate the suppressor dragons.

Nothing else is relevant lol.

and this just goes to show how "balanced" the game is with diverse meta. Regardless what some TCG ppl say, one deck formats dont promote too much skill lol. it just promotes veiler and luck.

no i dont care abt kalut, and even if goyo did come back. blackwings would still die lol

mermail for next format !!!!!


Ventus said...

Dweller says hi

K'yde Ren said...

Table flips, table flips everywhere.