Sunday, August 19, 2012

New format Chaos dragon

1 zephyrus
1 sangan
1 dark armed dragon
1 chaos sorceror
1 redmd
2 eclipse wyvern
3 light pulsar
2 dark flare dragon
3 lyla
3 ryko
3 veiler
2 card trooper
2 spirit reaper
2 tragodia

1 monster reborn
1 heavy storm
1 dark hole
3 solar recharge
2 instant fusion
1 allure of darkness
1 mind control
1 charge of the light brigade

No i havent tested it out, no guaranteed success. but for now tragoedia and spirit reaper seem like good picks since the format has moved to a slightly slower format and the deck looks similar to old format plants which i like :D

of course soon we can run tour guides and tour bus :D


Anonymous said...

Needs a 3rd Dark Flare Dragon since CS is @1 one

Anonymous said...

u should try 2 debris dragon, with the 2 troops and 2 reapers

mike said...

GREAT idea dude. but i fear it may diverge away from the main idea of CD. also i forgot to add in divine dragon apocalypse