Monday, August 20, 2012

Hieratic Dragon King of Heliopolis

These few days i've been extra busy testing some deck ideas, along with making calls and an unusual load of Yugioh related texts to invest in cards for the next format.

I know what i will be playing next format ! ;)

Either DW or Agents as both are incrediby good. DW's problem is the usual game 2 and 3 but if testing Imperial Iron Wall may prove effective, then I will use it. A decklist will be up tomorrow, and some discussions for it will be provided.

Agents on the other hand are full of delicious boss monsters and remind me of how Plants used to be played. Bait stuff out, conserve power cards, and gain advantage over opponents. There will be some nice techs (introduced by teammate, kudos to him)

Anyhow one of the new extra deck staples to look out for next format will be Ennead.

Dishing out rank 8s is very easy despite you using Agents (bloody lot of options), Dark World or TG Stun, or even Malefic Skill Drain Stun.

A big 3k beatstick with a better Scrap Dragon effect is quite useful, imo.

Getting it out is not hard either if your using Agents, Hyperion is rank 8 and Tragoedia is essentially the most versatile card in the deck. Besides that, if you have dead Kristia in hand you can snatch your opponent's Grapha/Hyperion with Trag or Mind Control for profit mmyeah.

Compulsory will also be good next format as it slows down and becomes one of the best removal cards.

BTW one chan's name has been changed to where arf thou. retard.

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Justin Sung said...

Hi buddy, finally you mention my favourite monster in your blog :D