Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ban List Discussion

First of all went for top store team tourney:

Used Countdown.

round 1: VS kyde Hieratic

game 1: countdown FTW
game 2: 2x decree ftw i only saw 1 twister
game 3: my mistake as i didnt know u can chain a trap when decree is  already on the field and then chain twister. thought i had scarecrow to save me but he showed prohibition.

team record OXX

round 2: VS song ming Inzektors
game 1: countdown ftw
game 2: countdown ftw

team record OOX

round 3: vs siao sian Chaos Dragon
game 1: countdown ftw
game 2: 2x decree + 1 DDV to kill my fader + scarecrow o.o
game 3: 2x decree and i misplayed as i thought too much whether to play set twister or not.

team record XXO

lesson learnt:

1) countdown is not pure lucksack. You need to know your rulings.
2) Dont think so much when your playing countdown twister is a god card.
3) DONT bother siding in burn cards for game 3. retarded shop rules that you can go into time but they decided that there was no time limit. 10/15 cards in side deck GG straight
4) I now know how to play and side properly with countdown :) should have tested more with the deck as it was 2nd time playing today.


So everyone has seen the banlist. It is not 100 % confirmed. but lets assume it is !

Inzektors are literally dead at first thought but i have a feeling the deck can still be played somehow with tomato, tour guide, 3 mantis etc and it will be up to japan to build it :D

chaos dragons got hit badly and future fusion and brionac (both deserving cards got banned)

Hieratics consistency have been rendered slightly but theres still Hanzo and the fact that redmd got semi limited means u needa conserve more. It would be hard to OTK in asia format but in normal ocg formats, you could still use Tragodiea to make Gustave  Max

I saw BLS not getting banned as Konami probably wanted to sell the Gold Box.

Monster Reborn not getting banned was disappointing. This card really needs to go.

I would rather have had Hunter banned then have zenmighty limited. I guess Konami liked the concept of hand discard loops and they didnt like so much self touching.

So overall the format has moved into a slightly more control based format with reduced OTKs.

Its not a BAD format but who cant see the fact that more broken archetypes are gonna be released in future sets lol.

Decks that are viable next format:

1) Heroes
2) Gadget
3) Hieratics
4) Dino Rabbit
5) Mermail / Atlantean
6) Countdown
7) Inzektors (depends on how its built. Im not 100% on this)
9) Dark world
11) Infernity
12) Wind Up
13) rogue decks like dimensional skilll drain beat/ GB/

OH so many decks. Love. Of course what i have listed is a mix of tier 1 to tier 2/ 2.5 decks so it will take a while for the meta to shape first before attempting to play certain decks.

So obvious that Konami wants to promote a more deck diverse format. There are some players saying "this is a terrible idea only 1 deck should dominate". all i can say is that a while ago when only 1 deck was dominating, everybody was complaining, and now Konami has answered their call but people are still unhappy. Long long time ago some players were complaining how hard it was to get certain cards so when Konami started a massive reprint revolution, people complained. You can never please people. Fact. But i do agree that we need to have better prize support in the game.

No BF is not playable no matter what you say.

More to come when i can think.


avengingknight said...

BF will be better than many decks out there. Only time will tell though.

Usalle said...

Debris Inzektor Deck!!!!

Usalle said...

Debris Inzektor Deck!!!!

Ventus said...

You write that REDMD got semi limited, but in the "confirmed" list it says limited! :P

GQ said...

If that list is true, I'm gonna bring Sabers to tier 1 in our format XD

mike said...

@GQ- that was what I was thinking too .__. Wanted to get back into playing that deck.

@avengin knight- see how lah. Please show us bf love :)

@usalle- u make lah

@ ventus- typo

petqwe said...

Quite a disappointing list. After perhaps a week or two experiencing this format, I would switch back to Goat Control/

Sean said...

Time to get back to some BF love (assuming that list is true)

mike said...

@ petqwe- needa give the format some time to settle bro. It should be fine. Provided nothing like inZektors ever get designed again in the history of the game.

@ Sean- looking forward to see ur built.