Sunday, August 26, 2012

Asia Plus Tourney Report

So went for Tourney today. Last day to use Inzektors so yeah what the hell. 

Round 1: VS Yap Zian Dark World

Game 1: he had god hand and had dragged down and then during my draw phase he eradicator epidermic virus me. I summon my centipede and whack his Beige, and destroyed his Gate to search Damsel. It went downhill for him from that point on. 

Game 2: he had dragged down to kill off my traps to leave me with vanilla hand. We were at a 3 card to 6 card advantage. I dualitied into Mirror Force and summoned a vanilla. He didnt dare to attack and i soon grinded out the game and made Utopia and had Macro backed up. He drew MST later but it was too late as i had too much control over the field.


Team score XXO

Round 2: Bye 

Round 3: VS Ngai Foo Weng Machina Gadget

Game 1: Inzektors too strong. 

Game 2: I drew 3 Saber saurus within 3 turns. Traps got MST and double cycloned. Stalled with vanilla and safe zone and later made Hope Ray and Fiendish Chain his Fortress. He summoned another Gearframe and i scooped.

Game 3: Opened with vanilla, rabbit, reaper, duality, trap, and guaiba. 1st turn lagia. Opponent set 5 and tried to bait out my Lagia with MST and double cyclone. I negated his COTH and then proceeded to beatdown and win with vanilla and lagia. 


Team score OOO

Didnt make it into finals because of tiebreakers but congratz to kyde izzat sean for winning. 

Hieratics can mimic what tele dad used to do. Liked tele dad? sorry to say it wont survive at all. 
go play tele hieratics. 


K'yde Ren said...

Thank you! Teleport all the way. Shits all good.

Anonymous said...

What is vanillas? Lol

Sean said...

Thanks, Mike.

All the best to you and your team as well. Hope you'll qualify soon :)

Anonymous said...

What is vanilla? Lol