Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Theory Oh VS Instinct/Preference

Often, we are faced with dilemmas in the sense that people are running a certain tech, or playing an archetype in a certain way (there is a limit to this statement) and we aren't and we are filled with worry because we feel like we are at a disadvantage if we do not do so.

So, if you ask me, this is what i would tell you to do:

1) Test it out. See if it works for you because player preference is important.

If it doesn't suit you, don't run it. Stop lying to yourself. For eg, people are running PWWB/Chain Disappearance in their Inzektor lists, and you don't feel comfortable with it. It is wiser that you keep to your own preference. Just cos Sam plays it, doesn't mean you have to !

So you are adapting a certain tech which seems strange but you fear its going to be criticised badly by other players. Here's where i tell you to not be afraid. It doesn't hurt to innovate and if your innovation works, then there's reward.

Most successful players are innovators. Sam chose to go with his own personal preference of PWWB over Thunder Break. Lazaro Bellido was a great innovator back when metagame.com and SJC were still around. Other innovators include Frazier etc.

The reason why personal tech and playing a deck your own way, is better is because it helps you to play the deck more smoothly.

Of course there is a limit like, playing a tier 1 archetype in a tier 2 manner, which of course i will condemn. What i'm talking about is how certain choices like Sangan, or a 3rd Gullho, 2 or 3 Car D, or the maining of 1 copy of the Neferti works for some people, while it doesn't for others.

Personal techs help you gain an edge in your matchups. Because these techs are unpredictable, thus you should always opt to main 1 or 2 personal techs, in your main deck or in your sideboard. Many players already know this, and have used it to their advantage.

That is why i urge players to try to adapt their own techs more in their builds, and to prevent your deck from being 100% conventional.

The moment you start playing your netdecked build, you will slowly start to notice different preferences in the deck, thus you should adapt it to your own playstyle.

For example some players will run a Tier 1 deck (like hero beat) in a more aggro manner by playing bubbleman and maxing Miracles, while some will be more control and main more tech traps, while some will want the deck to be extremely consistent and max out on all tutor cards.

There is nothing wrong in tech choices and we shouldnt be ashamed in the ones we make. Especially if they work for our meta, then we should just continue running them. Because everybody has to realize different countries have different metas.

Then again, at the end of the day, skill is more prevalent than card choices, and is still the determinant for victory (ceteris paribus), but personal card choices, combined with skill, will get you there faster.

Also shoutout to my friend, Kyde: http://digital-mortal.blogspot.com/ check it out !


Anonymous said...

What is Neferti? i don't know that.

mike said...

Nephte, sorry.