Sunday, April 22, 2012

Forbidden lance

Is good in hieratics !

* Protects from torrential
* bottomless
* gemini spark
* thunder break
* ninja transformation art
* Its unpredictable
* Its a pseudo-Shrink which makes it very very versatile

Died to forbidden lance today during playtesting.

Definitely good to main 1 or 2, depending on the amount you have.

I'm speaking for Asia format of course.

Yugioh is getting slightly more exciting lately so probably more posts to come.


GQ said...

Lance is the best side against HERO beat, hands down. No other card does more damage to HERO beat than Lance.

Spark - I'm a -1 now ...
everything else - shit ...
shining - I'm at 2400 ...

mike said...

dude it is damn strong now. you try out la.

K'yde said...

It was a happy duel.

Justin Sung said...

I wish I have, but I do not have. Thus, I use alternative route. @.@

GQ said...

i know how good lance is. But, I don't have the cash for a playset