Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hieroglyph or Inzektor

Dilemma between which deck to play.

If we think far ahead until the next banlist, we can be sure both decks will be hit.

Dragons will probably have their Seal of Gathering limited because Konami wont give it so much Rota, and the deck is kinda strong cos of that.

Inzektor will probably get Hornet or Damsel touched.

But if Gathering is touched, it will still be consistent because of Ninja whereby 1 Hanzo is effectively a Gathering or better.

Inzektor will still have Guaho which is just as good as Hornet, and Centipede alone is still strong.

And both will definitely receive more future support.



Sean said...

haha dun be gatal and just stick with inzecter unless u are prepared to spend a bomb to get hieorglyphs :)

Rauzes said...

Rage quit yugioh jump to vanguard ;)

The_Magus_Killer said...

Just play Karakuri. =)

Rauzes said...

But yes in all seriousness stick with inscetors. Budget yo cash

mike said...

@ sean- depends on the price first la. see first.

@ rauzes- I understand the hint!

@ magus- dont want! :)

EdseL said...

Yeah, just stick to Inzecters as everyone advises.

You wont need to spend more for a new deck when both are Tier 1. :)

Sean said...

@Rau: That would be too drastic!

@Mike: Money is better spent in VG than getting Hieroglyphs :D

mike said...

@ Sean- I thought after Asia ur passion for yugioh flared and your passion for vg diminished :D

@ Edsel- it's just that I feel it's cooler. Nvm sama sama main Insector !

Sean said...

@Mike: Nope, my passion for VG remains the same while my passion for YGO increases but when BT06 arrives then it is time for the former to rise :D