Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Okay, so i finally found time to update. Yes im not dead.

I couldn't update about Yugioh lately because i couldnt find the time.

Seriously, without internet service or a laptop in KL is tough, heck i just found out bout the new Hieroglyph Dragons lately.

I did go to Andrews place once in a while to use his computer, but we usually ended up playing and talking crap instead of me blogging.

Im back in my hometown for a week =)

I did head to town to play Yugioh only twice in the past month and it was invigorating to finally say im part of the KL community.

The other times, my friends wanted to go to shop so i also went to shop. Got alot of nice shopping done so im happy.

So, im personally really excited bout the new dragon archetype.

It has a Rota, a Shura, an Icarus, a Cyber Dragon, and a Hyperion and a boss monster. And the deck spams Neo Galaxy much faster than you may think.

Throw in a couple of Veiler/ Maxx Cs, and a solid trap lineup and it will do decently or at least have a bit of a matchup against Wind Up/ Insecters.

So what am i playing now? still plants! loyal plant player. although it got bullied by Andrews DD Rabbit Ragia so much in so many Game 1s.

i will be slowing down on blogging till i get my laptop in KL and slowing down on Yugioh (maybe) until the March banlist.

More blogging done tmr, gonna sleep!

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