Monday, September 26, 2011

Ranking Tourney Results

Kl Sunday Ranking Results

1st place- Sean
deck used- chaos bf

2nd place- ?
deck used- dark world

i did not get sean's decklist because it is still under construction and perfection, according to him, but i do have a basic skeleton of his monster lineup for those who are interested

3 Raioh
3 Bora
1 Gale
3 Shura
1 Jinn the Dry Wind

Yes he does run 3x Pot of Duality too

i am very sure there are more cards included but i do not know. Possible Gorz etc.

He however doesnt run any Sirocos or Vayus.

KL Ranking Tourney Sunday # 2

1st place- Andrew
Deck Used- GKs.

2nd place- Zack Teoh
Deck Used- TG Sabers

I have none of the decklists. I am happy that Andrew found a good tier 1 build for GKs again as he found a good reliable way to side against DW and deal with Heavy Storm, but no disclosure as i didn't get his consent :)

As you can see, OCG format is a good reliable way of measuring the top players as they always repeatedly top consistently.

Ranking Tourney Kuching

1st place- Jia Jun Tay
Deck Used- Quickdraw Dandy

2nd place- Bruce Law
Deck Used- Chaos Sworn

I have none of the decklists as par to that because i did not ask them players. i can try though.

Ranking Tourney Miri

1st place- Joo Phin Loo
Deck Used- Quickdraw Dandy

The difference between Miri's rankings are different because it follows the Asian format whereby no promos are allowed. I do have the decklist for this.

Monsters: 25

Doppel Warrior X2
Junk Synchron X2
Quickdraw Synchron X2
Sangan X1
Tragoedia X2
Card Trooper X2
Ryko, the lightsworn hunter X2
Lone-fire Blossom X1
Effect Veiler X2
Spore X1
Dandylion X1
Level Eater X1
Glow-up Bulb X1
Debris Dragon X1
Dark Armed Dragon X1
Mystic Tomato X1
Chaos Sorcerer X1
Black Luster Soldier X1

Magics: 11
Reinforcement of Army X1
Tuning X1
Dark Hole X1
Foolish Burial X1
Pot of Avarice X1
One For One X1
Monster Reborn X1
Charge of the light Brigade X1
Heavy Storm X1
Allure of Darkness X1
Scapegoat X1

Traps: 4
Call of the Haunted X2
Limited Reverse X2
I found that Tragoedia is really vital in Qd Doppel Dandy and his build looks good for an Asian format version whereby he had no access to Quasar.

Thats all for today thank you for reading


Jeffhokage said...

wow chaos bf with no sirroco and vayu. i love to know the buid of

LGQ said...

Really can't match Sean and Zack for points here, since I can't play on Sundays and I have work every 1st and 3rd saturday ...

The point gaps are really spreading, I'm at my 30s while they're at least at 70s ...

鱼缸 said...

KL ranking you left out TB ranking...LGQ got 2nd place~~~