Monday, August 8, 2011

Why TG > DW

OKay before i start the post, i noticed Fish and Swaps and Painful Return from TCG GENF box, credits to Johann's blog who pointed it out or it will be a month before i actually look up on the new exclusives for the box.

Fish and Swap is too good lol. Having it around means banishing Treeborn Frog is useless now. God damnit! Due to this, please limit it -.-

And as of yesterday, i stopped playing DWs officially because i dislike the deck (lol) and i traded if off for a 2nd X Saber deck which is good trade fodder.

Okay, so on to the actual post.

So, basically its because :

1) TG is immune to Grapha and DW Lightning. Since all their cards have Darksoul effects or Card Trooper replacing effects, this means that no matter what, Grapha and Lightning will not gain plusses off destroying them. In fact, DW Lightning will be a -1 for your opponent and Grapha becomes a 1 for 1 only (assuming they revive him)

2) TG is fast. They summon Wonder Magician easily to destroy Gate of DW, and although it is easy for your opponent to access more Gates, they only have 3 Gates so they have to conserve it well because you also have access to MSTs and other stuff. Wonder Magician is better than Hyunlei against the DW matchup because Wonder Magician is easier to set up. To pull off a successful Hyunlei, you need Boggart + Fullhelm + Faultroll OR Boggart + Pashuul OR you need to have Darksoul/ Emmersblade on field and a Fullhelm in hand.

The conditions are easier so yeah. Wonder Magician also balances its loss no matter what if it dies next turn (95% likely)

3) TG1- EMI and Horn of Phantom Beast. 2 of these cards are key cards to TG. Notice that Horn is an trap that turns into an equip spell. When they try to DW Lightning your card, and you flip it face up, so your opponent loses Lightning.

The same goes for TG1- EM 1, its easy for them to target it, but you can chain it so your opponent cant discard via Lightnings effect

TG1- EM1 lets you take control of Grapha too, which is very useful. No access to Grapha = weaker DW.

4) Amount of advantage gained is equal. While DW can pull off ridiculous combos with Morphing Jar and Card Destruction, TG gains advantage quite consistently through Horn of the Phantom Beast. Horn is useful because if you can pull off an early game Naturia Beast backed up by Horn, you will have won the game (unless your opponent has Raven or Morphing Jar), but thats what we run Solemns for :)

5) Its easier to sideboard against DW too because DW can just be removed from play with Crow, and Crevice.

Another useful card to consider is Banisher of the Light (note: Not Banisher of Radiance!! its a different one), which is the 2000 defence one. 2000 defence in the early game = opponent cannot beat over it.

Unless he has Gate + Bronn (who the heck runs it besides me last time)
Or he runs Goldds and Sillvas (most already realise they suck so no one runs it)

Its harder to side against TG too because there is no definite side card besides Trap Stuns or Royal Decrees to take care of the above 2 traps.

Thats all for today, thank you for reading :)


EdseL said...

Yeah,Fish and Swap gave Treeborn and Frogs their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th BftDD.

I have a blog post also about a Fish deck (new cards from GENF). Pls have a look.

Link me up! :) Thanks

petqwe said...

Somebody sided in a Malevolent Catastrophe against T.G. Next I saw a Pitch-Black Warwolf equipped with Horn of Phantom Beast owning his opponent hard.

mike said...

@ petqwe- seriously?? pitch black warewolf?

i dont even feel like maining cards like wanghu, or beatsticks like werewolf anymore cos they all just die to dark world