Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This card is getting to be a problem card much like Icarus Attack, Book of Moon, Deity of the Snake Offering, and Gemini Spark.

All these cards are annoying and can cause tempo change in the game because it disrupts your combos and in the hands of a good player, it can gain alot of advantage.


Run Forbidden Lance or Trap Stun

Lance is very versatile like Book because it can ensure your combos get through and in decks like Sabers, it is very versatile. It can also help you run over an opponent's card. It neutralises Phantom Beast Horn's effect and further decreases your opponents monster by 800 attack.

Stun is good because if samurai decreases in number next format (like whats happening now), then it will be more relevant than 7 tools.

Anyhow, both can be chained to DW Lightning so your opponent will be less one discard option.

Im gonna test a new deck out now =) ciao.

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