Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Stuff

On DN i got raped by econ, when playtesting with shamir, (refer to andrews blog), i had reborn, collosal, and heavy storm and was ready to go for game next turn but shamir flipped econ and took my collosal, dropped his hyperion, and attacked with his own collosal + mine for game.

Im sorry too lgq, for some reason everytime im online, i had to reject your duel request because was already playing with shamir =(

mind crush is good too. I think its maindeck worthy this format.

VS Agents
Declare Hyperion, Honest, Venus bla bla

Declare Gate

VS Junk Doppel
Declare "x syncron" after they try to do stuff or have searched with Tuning.

For some reason i feel like taking Book of Moon out this format. Does nothing VS DW and is not that good VS Agents. We'll see after some testing

Also, i cant really find a good way to take out Agents this format besides Mind Crush, Veiler and the only 2 other things i can think of is Karma Cut and Divine Wrath but they are both -1s, so hmm.

The Light Imprisoning Mirror is situational and i dont like it because it is too prone to MST

Solid Angel Trap Lineup:

1 Torrential
1 Trap Dustshoot
2 Warning
2 Mind Crush

Sad everybody is now gonna be playing Agents.

Im stopping X Sabers because Sabers< Agents. You need Emmsblade and Darksoul to jump start the game and getting both in the grave to search combo pieces all need your opponents interactions. By the time they attack, they would have Venus + Gantetsu resolved already and then my opponent will just get ready to drop Hyperion. Really imbal there. They dont even need Christia lol

Gonna switch to Junk Dopple this format. Mainly because:

1) Everyone else is playin Agents so it is more fun to play the deck which has less players. Agents are dead cheap so ya everyone will be playing it. Even in tourneys, to be safe, i would go with TG Agents

2) Price of everything has dropped drastically except Quasar. Invest!

3) The deck has massive synergy

Got a solid build from deckbuilding and solitairing hands/ plays yesterday. Just needa obtain the cards only.

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslim readers out there =)


Bong 王 said...

I agree with you on the trap lineups. I myself am using those traps and found that Mirror Force is still playable albeit there are so many spell/trap destruction cards out there.

Don't really think that DW is tier 1 though. Maybe a 2? I have basically figured out the skeleton but there are just 3 slots which have not been filled yet. Any suggestions Mike? Thanks. I mained 2 veilers in my DW and they work wonders against Agent and other decks.

Sean said...

Interesting choice you have this format. I, too, do not fancy playing Agents this format partly b'coz too many players are running it. We are on the same boat apart from our deck choices. =)

Sean said...

Just to add on, Kycoo is another good Side Deck choice against Agents as he could prevent Hyperion from coming out apart from Banishing monsters in the grave. However, he is prolly less effective against T.G. Angels. :)

Michael Bonacini said...

Yeah, I gave up on Book of Moon a long time ago lol, haven't missed it at all.

mike said...

@ Bong- nah i never really liked mirror force so yeah. personal choice lol

urmmmm check out the build which i won locals with. very consistent. dw is no where as low as tier 2. ppl shld just cut out raven because its prone to veiler

its just that it has not been out long enough for ppl to abuse. rmbr agents when it was 1st released? after that, we saw it a while and then we didnt see it at all during the 6 sam era. its nt that dw is tier 2 , its just that most of the tier 1 players are occupied with agents or smtg else

@ sean- yeah so sad, everyone is using TG agents now :( i see gantetsu every game!

@ MIchael Bonacini- so will i :)

Sean said...

@Bong: I don't think it's a good idea to main deck Veilers in DW. For me, DDV/EEV and Dragged Down coupled with 2 Mind Crush would be a more solid choice if you wish to distrupt your opponent's strategy.