Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Played Against Michael Bonacini from Death Aspect

Uploading from my Ipod now, so gonna be a short post. It was very good game =)

i opened with dustshoot, and 2 mystic shine balls in hand.

first time i played the deck, as i used my teammate's variants and concept, as i wanted to get the feel of playing the deck, since all i did was watch amir and andrew go gantetsu every game

Their build sacrificed Christia in favour of the TG cards to make it more consistent.

Props of the day

1) Michael Bonacini's deck is a really solid TCG deck. As expected, the game stalling with Faders and Valleys are good.

2) 40+ min game is crazy.

3) Played decently with TG Agents on first try. I think i overextended at one or 2 points. Like going into Gachi Gachi number 2 for fun

Cons of the day:

1) Didnt get to draw a single Hyperion even with 2 cards from the sky, and 3 dualities. The only one near the top of my deck was removed from play with Necroface.

2) Followed TGG rulings so got Tour Guided. Agreed. Imbal. Nothing much i can do if people Veiler me then Tour Guide me and next turn search another Veiler.

Now lets compare OCG and TCG.

TCG broken thing is Tour Guide into no 17 Revise Dragon beatstick and search Veiler.

OCG broken thing is Venus into Gachi Gachi and sit there with 2000 attack beatstick. Many players includin me are already complaining about that, so we can see how much worse the TCG has it than us.

edit: i posted this, the day before the rulings were revised, so pls stop telling me that i posted wrong info about the rulings.

now, since the rulings are properly nerfed, expect agent angel to be the next meta in tcg too. there will be pros learning to abuse gachi gachi now


YgoBuzz said...

regarding tour guide and leviathan dragon + veiler, i think its not going to work anymore based on the new rule book. correct me if im wrong xD

Anonymous said...

Tcg Rules just Changed Sangan doesnt activate anymore with Xyz

mike said...

lol guys, i posted this the day before the rulings got revised!