Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OCG meta September 2011

This is my prediction for OCG meta in 2011

Tier 1:

Dark World
Tech Genus
Frog Monarch
Gadget Offering
Karakuri DS Beat

Tier 1.5

Six Sam
Hero Beat
X Saber
Grave BF
Agent Angels
Machina Fortress

Allow me to explain. Basically everything in the current OCG meta will drop to tier 1.5

I can almost predict the format will be a speed-ish format if Solemn Warning gets limited.

So, why is everything tier 1 of this format, suddenly drops down to tier 1.5 next format?

Basically because of Dark World Dark World Dark World.

Once again, Konami has made a new broken ass theme that should be played everywhere.

The combination of DW Lightning + Grapha fucks up every single anti meta strategy there is no matter if it is Hero Beat, or WWBF, or even X Saber!

X Saber wont really be tier 1, sadly, because if you set Darksoul or Emmersblade, your opponent will just Lightning and Grapha it, regardless what it is. If you wanna avoid DW Lightning, you need to normal summon Emmesblade face up, but then your opponent can just Grapha it. Once the deck cannot access other cards from your deck, like Faultroll then you will GG.

Nothing in X Saber can get over Grapha either unless you have Faultroll, Boggart, tuner in hand ready
This means i have alot of modding to do for my lovely Sabers =)

Then they have access to either Breakers or Rykos to further simplify every single move the control player wants to take advantage of.

Oh yeah, Grapha is a problem card alright.

TG is gonna be fine because its searching options keep them alive to DW. It isnt as broken as DW but it has sort of decent matchups versus DW if you manage to outspeed them. If you drop a Stardust backed up by a BTH, you can safely control the field. Wonder Magician is good to control your opponent's Gates etc. And Power Gladiator is a decent card

I chose Frog Monarch because this deck has the BEST matchup vs Dark world. haha no further explanation needed.

Lightlords is a pure assumption as we can almost predict the unbanning of Black Luster Soldier. BLS + Beckoning Light = LOL

I actually think Karakuri that DS built has potential to top because of its speed and non reliance of trap cards.

Gadget Offering seems decent too as they have the power to outspeed DW. Any deck that can outspeed DW should do decently.

I put 6 sam in tier 1.5 because although they make Shien, it is easy for DW to have multiple discard fodder. you can negate my Lightning but can you negate my Dealings? You can negate my Grapha in vain with Magatama but can you prevent an attack when i special summon it back? Even if your opponent is lucky enough to prevent all this in one turn, how will they be able to survive next turn when all their resources are depleted.

GKs are there because there still will be ppl playing them and Royal Tribute is good vs any deck except DW. DW is Konami's answer to Royal tribute and if you think you can go into any tourney with Royal tribute you should think again, because your chances of meeting DW is going to be very high because the deck is cheap, and many people will be thinking the exact same thing.

Grave BF is there because it is too slow vs DW and other decks are WWBF and Hero Beat are self explanatory.

Agent Angels + Machina < DW and we all know that already.

I didnt mention Junk Dopple as i am unsure how Konami will hit it. It may stay strong, it may not.

Reborn Tengu variants in the TCG will still rule. Blek.

So, the new tech card of the new format? DD Crow!! Or Transmigration Prophecy.

This card will fuck DW and says no to Lightlord, Frog Monarch etc.

It can even screw Sabers but i think that is irrelevant because i can just exceed Leviair the Water Serpent and bring my Darksoul back.

This might very well be the new Effect Veiler for OCG.

Anyway do you think it is too early for me to write this?

I dont think so, the new banlist is gonna be out in 2 to 3 weeks time.

Thats all for today, thank you for reading! And remember this is just my predictions, feel free to comment or share your opinions, maybe i missed out on a deck or two.

PS: No GB is not going to be strong at all at the start of the format while it is stablising because DW will rape it end of story.


petqwe said...

1. Karakuri derp. This deck is FAR away from tier one.

2. I play Lightlord if DAD comes back to 2.

3. 6Sam vs DW: Whoever goes first wins. While Sams may not have solutions to massive Spells or a single Grapha, they can win very easily once they have D. Fissure out.

4. T.G. is perhaps better than you can think. To me, only DW is matchable to it.

5. You may consider some Rescue Rabbit variants. With or without Ragia.


mike said...

@petqwe- BLS is still a pretty good addition to LS.

Ahhh sams in your area run Fissure... in malaysia, they still play the same old variant. I personally have no trouble with sams because they do not run fissure, and if they do, i have 3 breaker hehe. also its easy to out play them

Rescue Rabbit variants? not sure yet! see how the deck plays out first. it definitely seems tier 1 material. i forgot to discuss abt it. thank you for reminding.

LGQ said...

samurais have been running Fissure since a month ago, side if not main. thats how what I mostly see.

If this is a list for malaysian meta, then I would have to disagree with a few things.

Tech Genus
Frog Monarch
Gadget Offering
Karakuri DS Beat

would not be tier 1 here. For the simple fact that ,

Tech Genus - no one plays antimeta
Frog Monarch - not everyone is SST
Lightlords - cause BLS isn't the 3rd JD
Gadget Offering - cause Disigma and the others are promo
Karakuri DS Beat - just cause no one likes this deck

agents, will still remain tier 1, along with Grave BF start of the next format. Just cause the only thing that may get hit by banned list come Sept are maybe Earth to 2, Hyperion to 2, Krystia to 1, and thats not really gonna shake the foundation of the deck. And Konami will not hit BF this time (if they have sense), even if they did semi Vayu, its not gonna change a lot.

HERO beat has never been above tier 2 here anyway, so that never matter.

DW is good, but they are too easily sided. And if they are dominating, maining Crows and Prophecy can easily kill them.

kazuya666 said...

Actually, Agents arent < DW
With a right move and a right side-decking, Agent can rule over DW.
Trust me, I've experienced it many times before.

mike said...

@ kazuya- from experience, dw > agents, well thats from my point of view. also, dw can side vs agents too. with ease.

@ LGQ- then my area samurai meta must be incredibly setback! with everyone running 3x DEST still. Its not Malaysian meta, its general OCG meta =) if malaysian/ asian format, i would usually specify in the post. hehe.

But, overall BF is gonna die to DW if you ask me in Games 1, because of the reliance of their backrow, no matter WWBF or Grave BF. They can try summoning their arms wing or armoa masters for free but it can do nothing vs Grapha.

Even in games 2 and 3, DW can sidedeck against Grave BF because both hold the same weaknesses, the reliance on the grave, although DW's reliance is greater. Anyhow 3 snow 3 Grapha is seriously too much to handle.

Frog Monarch i was just predictiing it as a viable deck type. whether many ppl will run it or not, is a diff story. i know i would :)

from this post, i bet many ppl think im dickriding the dw archetype but i just want to confirm here that i HATE the deck so so much O.o

Bahamut84 said...

Clearly from your point of view, DW > all lol.

Jesseh said...

From what I've seen on shriek Dark World just doesn't win / top any tournaments. From my experience I agree that DW > Agent but tournament results show differently.

mike said...

@ jesseh- yeah. but recent east jpn nationals has a few dw in there.

@ Baha- well unless the deck is mad fast and can outspeed dw. and if it can, its usually monster reliant and any GK will kill it. but gk die to dw, so its a cycle i guess?

i guess its good, but i really really hate it i really do :( probably as much as you hate samurai?

petqwe said...

A simple reason for my thinking DW being good:

Cheap -> many people playing them -> meet a lot of DW, say 90% -> say you have a 80% winning against DW and 50% against others, you still lose a LOT to DW -> OMFG DW is broke!

Yet I have to agree 3 Snows and Graphas are too much to handle.

And here there are more anti-meta than Sams, cause people are so reluctant to maindeck D. Fissure saying 'oh conflict with DEST' and when their 1st turn Kageki gets Veilered they say Sam is bad. And when their Shi En recklessly negate Prison and dies to a TG1EM1 they say Shi En is bad.

btw I have a strong feeling that however inconsistent Lightsworn can be, it will remain a strong but random force in the meta, either as a deck or as an engine.

Bahamut84 said...

But you play DW yourself! =P

Well anyway Agents has like the most answer to DW so imo Agent > DW. (pfft structure decks)

kazuya666 said...

LOL so u agree w/ me.
Just siding out some debunk and DW will end. Just debunk their grapha :v

*yea i know debunk isnt good enough, but it's enough to kick their grapha's *ss, LOL

mike said...

@ kazuya- not debunk. crevice! or prophecy and crow! crevice set will get targetted by dw lightning then chain! so they -1, and lose tempo. too good those 2.

@ baha- haha no more lo. sibeh boring deck. only played it to prove that my build wasnt stupid lol. i will be too lazy to join anymore tourneys for the remainder of format anyway. waiting for september for my darksouls <3

@ petqwe- even so, i still think dw will be meta next format despite being THAT good or not. haha. i agree with LS. it may not be dominant in the beginning, but ppl may pick it up during mid format etc

Anonymous said...

antimeta/hero is probably strongest of the tier 1.5 decks.