Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Fate of Heavy Storm

If Konami doesnt unban Heavy Storm,

then, there will be

1) a skilless meta. because everybody can just come and set 4 to 5 backrow and not worry about overextension etc.

2) more diverse format. because many decks survive due to being able to control well and because of their backrow.

3) slower + more control format. Speed and fast decks will still be there. but not that strong but still decent.

4) more high chance for less powerful players to top. Format is more focused on deck type. Skill is still important though.

5) Newer players/ less skilled ones will be happy but then the older, more skilled players will fret.

Now let's look at it from a different perspective shall we?

If Heavy Storm is unbanned,

1) everyone will go back to setting 1 or 2 cards only

2) less overextension anywhere

3) control decks will be less powerful. they will still be around because we have Starlight Road. However it is damn obvious if your opponent has Starlight or Solemn set cos no one will set 3 to 4 backrow without those.

4) Format will speed up like hell and may become retarded. DW decks will become more ridiculous. Lightning into Grapha, special summon? wtf? LS and those Rabbit decks will become ridiculous too. You just need to waste one card to bait out whatever your opponent has on the field, and once your done, your free to self touch all over the field.

5) Majority of the skilled + older players will be more happy, at least for the start of the format. Noober players will have less chance of topping.

6) Black Luster Soldier and Chaos Sorceror will be even more ridiculous

7) Format becomes a lil less diverse. Speed decks will be the trend.

8) People will start complaining all over again

Oh Konami, what on earth are you gonna do ! lol.

Personally, im gonna start remaining neutral about this topic.

What do you guys think?

P.s: double posted and there's an Oceania's nationals decklist below do check it out


LFN said...

Damned if I do Damned if I don't.

MaX said...

If Heavy Storm comes back, decks like Dark World and Tengu Sh1t will throw an otk festival everywhere(except if you are playing on ocg but you will still have problem against Dark World)!

Forget about that!

With Dark World there is enough destruction as it is!

Just w8 until that Giant Trunade gets banned and then side in Malevolent Catastrofe!

It works wonders when done right!

Bahamut84 said...

I'll pick Trunade lol.

At least after trunade, if you dont do some crazy lead, your opponent are just gonna set everything back and you might still lose. and its a minus 1.

Storm is always gonna break even, Pair that with trap stun/Shien = wtfbbq.

Anonymous said...

Giant Trunade + Mst at 3 before Heavy Storm gets unbanned...

I enjoy bluffing cause atleast its add another element to the game but if you put heavy storm back in... its just going to be easier to win and thats less skillful

mike said...

@ LFN- same here. starting to re-think if storm should be unbanned

@ Max- Its all about DW. Grapha promotes more skill-less play than any card ever that i have seen.

@ Baha- well said.

@ anon- ahh i'll just sit back and wait for Konami to do what they are supposed to do..