Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Post Banlist Discussion

Everyone has discussed the banlist already. No point for me to do it again.

yeah its gonna be a stupid speed format. Heavy storm to 1 was good, but mst to 3 is really..... errr... lol. if it wasnt bad enough, breaker the magical warrior was starting to gain popularity again..

LS dominance bla bla bla. 7 boss monsters is retarded. Beckoning Light into Honest, JD and BLS -_-

I have started to maindeck 3 effect veiler and switched my Bottomless Trap Holes for DD Crows already to prepare for the new format =) Modded the Rabbit deck already. Looks good! Works well, and 2 Tragodia and 1 Gorz ensure that i will not be able to be OTK-ed.

So yeah, 2 Tragoedia and Gorz is Konami's answer to being OTK-ed.

Tour Guide Plants in TCG is gonna be even better.

Crow is still handy vs non speed decks like GB and Scrap and BF and good vs DW, LS etc.

One thing i like is that Duality wasnt touched.

Top tier decks (0 - 1.5) this format:

Dark World
Rabbit synchro
Rabbit ragia
X saber
Agent Angel
MGS synchro (Fabled)

It is impossible to get away with setting BTH and Warning at all this format because of 3 mst staple etc. The only way left to deal with this is either quit the game, play LS/ Twilight or play with Veilers and Crows.

Veiler stops your opponents monster effects for a turn so that you can take care of it next turn. Veiler is a staple now everywhere, in the TCG and even in the OCG. Too many annoying boss monsters around

Crow is good tech too. Transmigration Prophecy too. Chainable, annoying and versatile.

I really pity the TCG players because of Tour Guide and Tengu. I doubt Tengu is gonna be semi-ed because Kevin Tewart obviously likes it (mentioned in a post) and Konami decided to hit Plants extra hard instead to stop Tengu Plants.

List of broken cards that came from TCG exclusives that dominated their own respective formats

1) Lonefire Blossom
2) Reborn Tengu
3) X Saber Darksoul
4) Tour Guide
5) Infernity Barrier
6) Gateway of the Six
7) Allure of Darkness
8) Il Blud
9) Test Tiger

List of other good support TCG exclusive

1) Super Nimble Hamster
2) Boggart Knight
3) Emmersblade
4) GK Recruiter
5) Herald of Orange Light
6) Maxx C
7) Grandmaster of SS
8) Dark Grepher

Ok thank you for reading.

Oh yeah, Banlist still sux! BLS is still broken haha and its a dangerous format


LFN said...

Yes I pity the TCG too :(
Hopefully they revoke the current TCG Xyz ruling in September.
Tour Guides are so expensive ugh

Bong 王 said...

Well, think setting solemn is more appropriate now. One can remove BTH from his/her deck. XD

obkung said...

Just curious, I remember u talked about BLS in DW deck. How u make it works?

obkung said...

Just curious, I remember u were talking about BLS in DW deck. Just how to make a deck. I mean the DW tech will just used up spaces, no room left for light monster?

Anonymous said...

BLS, ah how nostalgic. I have different feelings about this. Well it's kinda good to see one of Yugi's signature monster in play again, but well it's not good for the format (along with JD) By the way, you were talking about BLS in DW deck just how it works? I mean DW tech occupy most spaces in deck, does it has room for light monsters for BLS?

mike said...

@ Obkung- errr ppl are running ryko and fabled raven which ppl already do run and you just needa fit in BLS, and i dont rmbr ever talking abt BLS and DW...

@ Bong- i even think BTH is better than warning this format simply because of warnings lp cost. 2k is too dangerous with no backrow and ppl doing spammin of grapha, JD etc.

@ LFN- come to OCG ;)

@ anon- its too broken. but not as broke as 3 JD

obkung said...

thx, my build don't run ryko simply because I don't like it haha and I don't have raven either so.. and yeah u talked about it in

Anonymous said...

You said something about MGS Fabled. How would they work. Which Fableds do you run.