Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ban list out.

source: DuelingDays


Fishborg Blaster
Mental Master
Giant Trunade
Royal Oppression

Restrict to 1

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of Beginning
Debris Dragon
Lonefire Blossom
Legendary Six Samurai Shi En
TG Hyper Librarian
Formula Synchron
Heavy Storm
Primal Seed (wtf?)
Shien Smoke Signal
Pot of Avarice

Restricted to 2

Summoner Monk
Necro Gardna
Destiny Draw
Swords of Revealing Light
Mind Crush
Call of Haunted


Judgment Dragoon
Spirit Reaper
Overload Fusion
Gravity Bind
Icarus Attack

Seems like Michael Bonacini's rant on Destiny Draw got fulfilled.

royal oppression banned: who cares!! icarus to 3 <3 control!
Call of Haunted to 2: wtf..
Primal seed: o.o okay
Heavy storm unbanned : rush rush rush
avarice to 1: needed.
Hyper Librarian: toldja it wont be banned.

Why didnt they hit agents ?

LS gonna be dominant next format.

Duality wasnt limited

In the brains of Konami:

A : Damnit how the hell are we gonna kill Reborn Tengu. Kevin Tewart surely wont let us.

B : i know! lets nerf plants so Tengu plants decrease in power. less avarice for them!

A: Ahhh. Or. lets make it a speed format and see if Tengu can match it or not wahahaha.

B: Oh yeah. Death to all control decks. Go Lightsworn go and fuck Tengu

Yup its a dog eat dog world out there.

More in depth post tomorrow


Bahamut84 said...

Honestly they shouldnt even touch Formula and Librarian if they are doing the list this way lol.

LGQ said...

konami guy A : lets hit duality.

konami guy B : tak boleh, nanti LGQ tak mau main saber.

konami guy A: ... ok then

Anonymous said...

Primal Seed looks good on paper, but really too situational to be used when there's only one BLS in the deck...

MaX said...

If you think that with Heavy Storm back at 1 the game gonna take more skill then I pity you!

The game will be even more retarded than before!

1 Heavy and 3 mst!

It kills any deck that plays heavy backrow.......or any backrow at that!

mike said...

@ Max- okay your right. BUT then the unbanning of Heavy storm allows monsters to actually hit the field. it makes veiler and crows relevant staples/ maindeck material and which you can use to try to stop your opponents plays on your turn.

if you veiler and crow, you are given one chance to try to reclaim back the game.

actually it took alot more skill with mst @ 1 and Heavy @1.

mst @ 3 is abit retarded but then we have always had dust tornado anyways. they probably gave them back to us to screw ulti offering and gate of dw.

@ anon- agreed.

@ LGQ- konami guy B: michael mau main rabbit jugak

@ Baha- i guess they did it to nerf tcg tengu plants explosiveness.

Gizer said...

The death to all control decks makes me sad, since it's my style to play control. But oh well, it looks like BF is my deck of the format now that we got 3 Icarus...

kitda9 said...

myahaha, why is it that nobody now know why Primal Seed is banned? Its easy! Primal Seed lets you draw if there's a BLS on the field, doesn't matter on whose field it's on, yours or mine. And the fact that call at 2 and we still have monster reborn means we will be seeing BLS multiple times in a game.

StitchStitch said...

Haha I like your descriptions xD

About the list, I'm happy about it xD

MaX said...

Take away the ignition priority of the tcg, then limit Solemn Warning!

People will start maining traps like Bottomless Trap Hole again and then cards like Forbidden Lance or Safe Zone will have a meaning in your deck and your monsters will hit the field!

That was the problem with Heavy Storm!

People thought that setting 4-5 backrow takes no skill!

That's true!

But having no backrow threat takes even less skill from the game!

The freedom to play spell/traps cards allowed more decks to play and shine compared to a format with Heavy Storm!

Now, it's even worse!

Every single tier 2 or less deck along decks that have heavy backrow will die!

Not to mention that the two strongest decks are going to be a. Dark World, one of the more consistent archetypes that drops powerful monsters on the field while destroying your opponent's resources AND b. Lightsworns, the sackiest deck in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh!

I'm sorry we have different opinions about heavy storm but this is just how I saw it all these months playing without it!

The only times I have ever had a big problem against backrow was when

1. I didn't draw any of my backrow counters like Seven Tools, Lance, etc.

2. My opponent lucksacked and gained huge advantage/created a lockdown while setting 4-5 spell/traps

f.e. Six Samurai opponent, through the help of gateway and united drew a bunch of cards, summoned 2 Shi En and set 5 cards in his backrow while still having a few cards in his hand!

This is a condition where backrow is really a problem!