Thursday, June 30, 2011

The "Fuck Konami Deep Deep" Post

Since Konami has not learnt their lesson from producing Rescue Cat, they have now produced Rescue Rabbit:

This card cannot be special summoned from the deck. Banish this face-up card you control: Special Summon 2 Level 4 or Lower Normal Monsters from your deck with the same name. A monster special summoned by this effect is destroyed during the end phase. The effect of "Rescue Rabbit" can be activated once per turn.
Rescue Rabbit is much like Rescue Cat, so i expect its art to be a bunny with a miner's hat, and while Cat is great for synchro summoning (and Exceed summoning), Rescue Rabbit is used only for Exceed summoning, so its a one card exceed of choice rank 1/2/3/4

This is very similar to Tour Guide of the Underworld which makes Revise Dragon worth playing.

This could be relevant for Heroes because they can drop Sparkman and then use it as fodder for Miracle Fusion and making a first turn Roach and this card actually makes Utopia decent.

Other options include abusing X Saber Anupiranha (however you spell her name), so you can special summon two of her to the field and then drop Faultroll.

Playing those X Sabers means the deck has beat properties that allows it to function in 2 ways or more.

I dont think people are gonna spam Gemini Elves into their deck just to pull Rescue Rabbit off anyway :P

I also saw Fragments of Greed. Its effect goes like this:

Whenever you conduct your draw phase, put a greed counter on this card. You can remove ?? greed counters from this card and send this card to the graveyard to draw 2 cards from your deck.

Theres "??" there because Shriek has not confirmed this card's effect. Im confident this card will be incredible simply because its a draw 2 so its a plus one, and although it requires X number of turns, its still a plus one and a freaking Pot of Greed!

When Duality was released, people doubted it, but it became the most expensive competitive card in the game now. I expect this card to be something like that.

I dont see the number of turns on Fragments to be more than 2 or 3. If my opponent wants to waste his MST on it, just let him, at least he didnt blind MST my Warning or BTH so its still a win win situation :)

Also, fuck Konami even more because I just got news that X Saber Boggart Knight is Normal Rare (short print) in the OCG. FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK. Now i definitely need to sell my TCG ones. Why dont they fucking make Recruiter the normal rare.

Sabers have officially joined the ranks of the most expensive decks in the game, considering it plays better with 2 to 3 Dualities.

Lastly, to all the players thinking of getting White Knight Illuminator, i dont think its worth it. 3 level 4 monsters? i rather drop Disigma, and even if i had 2 , i'll rather drop Roach anytime.

Different story for Asian format though, because the above cards are not legal so GKs might need to resort to this. Drawing cards in GK is gooood.


Anonymous said...

rescue rabbit effect can only be used once per turn. so its not broken enough imo

LGQ said...

Boggard NR? lol. didn't expect that. I thought it would be SR, NR just kinda made it worst ...

LGQ said...

Rescue Rabbit = 1 card GB Essedarii. :)

Anonymous said...


FireThunder said...


Anonymous said...


mike said...

@ LGQ- Boggard NR makes its price bout 30 to 40 each. now i need to dish out bout 200 just to complete the whole set.. sigh..

@anon up there- you only need to use it once to make it broken. Rescue Cat didnt have to be used twice to be broken.

@ Fire Rabbit- Looks more animal than Rescue Cat haha. Cat looks like a cartoon.

LightGrunty said...

Well, that's how TCG players feel all the time...

I mean, we got Pot of Duality as a booster pack Secret Rare, and the pull ratio for a specific one would be like 1 in 200 packs. Quite horrible.

Unfortunately, that's the same fate that will befall our Inverz Roach.

But yeah, Fragments of Greed or whatever it will be called looks interesting. I expect it to be an Ultra Rare in the TCG, though...

StitchStitch said...

Dude its hella cute and I'm liking it :) EPIC!!!!

Ima tape a troll face with a hard hat on to it so I can say "TROLL FACE BUNNY" xD

Do you think it's gonna make a bigger impact than rescue cat?

ehchavo said...

You forget that there is 2 normal tuners monsters, including a lv1 monster. So, the rabbit also means a instant formula for water decks.

mike said...

@ ehchavo- but that would require it to summon 2 water spirits which is a no no ;) however thank you for bringing up the possibility

@Stich- nope. definitely not. but its broken, dont know how ppl will abuse him.

@ LG- yeah. i feel u when u guys had to get SCR emmersblades...

petqwe said...

Bestiari set 4, next turn Rescue Rabbit into 2 Andal, Gyzarus for 2, Retiari + Laquari, Essediari end.


Anything that drops into the Grave can be Dariused into Essediari or Equested for Respite or Inner Strengthed.