Monday, May 30, 2011

Revise Dragon and the Ignorance of the Malaysian Community

A while ago, I asked one player from my area which Exceeds he thought were good. He commented that he liked Revise Dragon best simply and he thought other Exceeds weren't good, and simply, almost bad.

I was shocked.

I asked him why he though Revise was good. he said it was because it got big @ 2500, and the attack raise was permanent.

Just yesterday, I saw a player selling Revise Dragons on Yugioh FB pages (yes our duelists utilises FB to conduct national trades within our country)

I was curious for the prices (he was from peninsular Malaysia, I'm from Borneo, which are 2 different islands although we are of the same country.

He told me that Revise Dragon was sold out, and some player apparently ordered his whole stock.

I was shocked.

So I asked him why he thought Revise was good, and why it was getting so much attention.

He said that Revise was rank 3, and supposedly had high attack, and can kamikaze with Shien.


I think this post will be sort of a rant.

If you were any sane-minded player, and you were playing competitively, you would probably be shocked that there were players who actually made this sort of remarks.

The answers showed no basis, and i was so shocked that I didnt even bother explaining to them why their statements were so stupid.

This just highlights the ignorance of certain Malaysian players in the game.

Im not speaking about ALL Malaysians in general, im speaking about some only.

What this situation highlights is how Malaysians do not even realise about the concept of card advantage.

Revise Dragon is in no way a card that can gain advantage, and if you really wanted a high attack monster @ 2500 attack, why dont you just fuckin tribute summon a Summoned Skull

This also shows that Malaysians care nothing about good card effects but only high attack monsters, making them look really like primates, because only little kids care about high attack monsters, and 2500 attack in a rank 3 monster is enough to satisfy them.

The last thing that is shown is how Malaysians cant even differ a good effect from a bad one. Revise Dragon's effect is so obviously bad, oops i go to all that trouble to summon Revise only to get Bottomless-ed, Mirror Forced, and 1000000x other traps.

To top it off Revise isnt even easy to summon, the only deck that can do it efficiently now is Sabers, and i dont even need to talk about using Emmersblade, Dark soul, and Fullhelm for an Exceed summon.

The statement about Revise being a decent solution to Shien is blasphemous, you are likely to get BTH-ed, warninged etc halfway while attacking.

Even if you do get Shien off the field successfully for some reason, theres no denying you lost card advantage to Shien already and as a boss monster, thats what shien is supposed to do. Generate +1s and +2s, while ruining tempo and momentum of your opponents plays.

Lets not forget your opponent will flip Double Edge Sword Technique next turn....


So what a sane good player would do, is take advantage of this situation, they would gather lots of Revises at cheap prices, and sell them for enormous profit (probably rm 20 to rm 30 per card), to all the idiots who want them

So, why am I playing the good Samaritan here, and not doing it?

I dont know, I've no time for big scale Yugioh at this point in life, because Im still living under a house with my parents, and I have no intention of forsaking my books, social life, and I simply do not have big enough modal to conduct Yugioh at a higher scale.

I am already earning a few hundred a month from simply investing, and selling, so Im pretty contented with that.

Recently, I just purchased RM600 worth of cards, which are considered cheap for the cards i got, due to good bargaiining, good relationships with sellers/ player, and have just sold off RM600 worth of cards which I have obtained at a much lesser price.

Although it is a good scheme to invest in Revises and sell them to idiots, i dont have the heart to do this, because you must remember, those players are also part of the entire Malaysian Duelist Community, and if they are bad players, the environment here will be bad, and it just makes us look shameful to other duelists around the world.

If the environment is bad, there is no way the community's intellectual force will expand, and the good will get better and better (that is why Sung Lee, Zack, Andrew, Sean etc keeps topping tourney after tourney) while the others either sink worse and worse, or never grow as players.


So, what can we do to thwart this?

From what I see, any player that is exposed to the online Yugioh community, such as blogs, TCGplayer, DGz, Pojo, and catching up on the official Yugioh site's coverage of Western events are free from this ignorance.

So, I'd like to urge the English-literate players in our Malaysian community to spread their knowledge to the other players on card strategies, and even simple concepts like card advantage.

Im talking about people who can actually read, write and speak proper English to players, and the bloggers have a big role in this, and not those who can read and speak half-assed broken English.

Those who have mastered a full command of the English and Mandarin language are even more useful assets because they can understand what we write online, and translate it properly to those players who can only grasp half the stuff we write here.

Currently, our country is quite behind in everything, economy,politics, social affairs, development, and ironically, its Yugioh too!

Our neighbours, the Singaporeans have no problem with this ignorance thing, because their players are of a different level compared to ours. Hence how Sam can come to every Malaysian official sanctioned event, and take top 3 everytime.

So, as dutiful citizens (??), it is our job to help. Next time you see a player making bad, unprofessional remarks, do remember this article, and try explaining to them why they were wrong.

Thank you for reading =)

And to practice what i preach, i'll try explaining to that player/seller about Revise.


blackwingEX said...

tru dat, it's the moral duty of any player to spread the knowledge about the game...

it pains me to see a lot of players (especially newbies) get smacked...

Marodin said...

Started reading your blog recently, and I must say i'm quite surprised by your remarks!

I live in Singapore, and I get the feeling some people here think exactly the same way about revise dragon too.

Perhaps you could give examples of some of the better exceeds we have so far, based on your opinion. It's good to educate the less fortunate :)

Hung Yih said...

This scenario reminds me of the old days when we were just introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! Everyone was insane about Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon and little attention was given to Tribe Infecting Virus. Ah, the good old days.

Well, they need to learn to become good duelists. The reason why they thought that Revise Dragon is a good card was because it appeared as the cover card for GENF. Heck, most of the cover cards are practically hopeless (e.g. Red Dragon Archfiend/Buster, Black Feather Dragon, Neos, Cyberdark Dragon etc). It is only through experiencing utter defeat at the hands of strong players will they be able to see sense. Better than telling them, just knock it into their head by dueling with them.

Sigh...I can't wait for my 3 dark world decks to arrive. Putting 2 Warnings, 2 BTHs, 3 Dark Bribes and 2 Revelations into the deck. Just to play safe eh...:)

Joz ™ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH.. I totally loled at your whole statement man , why i can say is you qualify to become a ygo lecturer la bro. the whole kamikaze thing with shien's pretty dumb . In brunei no joke, people literally just collect revise because he's just the cover card.

waiting for more posts like this , so interview more noobs for cards.

LFN said...

I agree, reading more about the game broadens your horizons and you learn more theory-oh that you could apply to improve your skillz

lets play again on DN sometime :P

LGQ said...

If you ask me which is my Favorite Monster Exceed, I would say ...

Revise Dragon.

Not because how good (or bad) he is, its just that its cool. Nothing else. And I think that is an important fact why the card is over priced.

Check out cards like LE5 DMG, its no where a good card, but people want it and would pay loads for it just cause how the cards looks.

Collector's value? Maybe. But if you wanna say put that into equation, why is EX Blue Eyes cheaper than that damned card. No real reasons but looks.

Don't know whats the real reason behind why Revise is expensive, BUT a card's appearance CAN affect its price.

quote from Nick "If a card is good, it'll be expensive. If you put a girl in the picture, the price doubles."

mike said...

@ LGQ- its no doubt a nice card to have because of its art, but then, ppl are actually giving excuse that its because its actually good, and worthy of playing :/

@ Marodin- thanks for reading :) i have given many already, roach disigma, terrabyte and the constant mentioning of tyrus.

@ BW EX- well its their ignorance.

@ Hung Yih- Good luck with that =)

@ LFN- yup! tonight? :D

@ Joz- thank you for the compliments :)

Bahamut84 said...

Comparing the Rank 3 exceeds available now, Revise Dragon is one of the better lol.

Gurensaurus, Terrabyte and Aero Shark are crap.

Levaiel is situational and small.

The rest of it are from DT (which is sort of not legal, but nothing amazing.)

petqwe said...

Revise Dragon is not that bad, just not good enough.

And I am always kind enough to tell my opponent how they should have done better. Just that they do not listen, or like to listen to me.

Terry Tan said...

Hey Mike Terry here~

i'm currently in TCG area (UK) and revise are comming out in tins... hate that TCG all hard to get card are massively avaiable to player.

building saber here with the dark soul thinggy ..

one reason that people may like revise there are monster like hellway tourguide around... and the price are flying high~...

Will be busy for a few month hope to see you soon~

Valafar123 said...

People actually still play like this? Wow.

If Shi En is a problem, main Neo Spacian - Grand Mole or Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind. Even Snipe Hunter is more effective than that kamikaze strategy.

@Bahamut: Levaiel is situational for now (in the OCG at least). It's only a matter of time before something takes that sort of effect too far. For example, prior to Zombies becoming popular Burial from the Different Dimension was often considered a very poor card.


Michael Bonacini said...

Revise Dragon can only be good with Tour Guides imo. Anything else and it is just a jank solution to thinks such as Shi En... and pretty bad jank at that.

mike said...

@ Baha- Yea, i admit its nifty in samurai, when you have clog hand of kageki and no kagemusha around, but it only counts as an addition, not like what the Malaysians here do.

What they do is hype how good it is due to its attack raising effect, and (it destroying shien???) abit bs la. I wish they rather gave smarter replies like worms xex yagan, guard, caius etc.

I also think that if that card is not good enough to be played, it shouldnt be played :/ at least thats what i think. I'd like to see write a post discussing Revise's benefits in response to mine.

@ petqwe- haha same problem here faced. It doesnt make it harder that the some of the Chinese community in Msia are harder to persuade, since they are more stubborn NATURALLY (self admitted, self observed, and its a trait that has been proven already)

@ Terry + Michael Bon- Agreed. Problem is we dont have access to Tour Guides

@ Valafar- Im kinda ashamed that our players think like that already :/

petqwe said...

I am a Chinese and I understand sometimes Chineses are very stubborn and troublesome.

By the way, Ghost Rare Revise Dragon is beautiful. Imagine a Ghost Rare Black card!

So we should put all SR Revise Dragon to the recycle bin, to protect the Earth. If you want to use Revise Dragon, use the HR.

mike said...

I wouldnt use Revise in the first place :P

GR version is exp, i wouldnt buy it unless im an avid collector. lol. the ultra rare version is already good, which i have a few off.

whats your name, and where are you from? :O