Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inverz Roach hype

I am here to hype Inverz Roach because its the best Exceed monster so far, almost as good as Stardust Dragon was when it was first released.

LOL because this cards price is gonna shoot.

What decks abuse this the most?

1) Gravekeepers. 1 set Spy = Roach, and makes Stele live.

2) Scrap! Scrap Beast + Chimera = roach!

3) Samurai.

Gee. What do I do when I have Kizan spam on the field and Gateway?

Easy. Spam Roach, recycle Kizan with Gateways.

Seriously strong. Imagine a built in Royal oppression , or a 2x effect Raiou which is generic and can be splashed everywhere.

Its not virtually impossible to run in Sabers either. XX Saber Bogart Knight is a great level 4, and the deck has one of the best floaters (Not Tengu) in the game, Hamster!

Take this:

Hamster on field. Darksoul set. Now summon Boggart, drop Fullhelm/ Pashuul, drop Faultroll.

You will end up with a field of 1 Inverz Roach + 1 Faultroll + 1 Hyunlei + 1 Fullhelm.


1 Roach + 1 Stardust + 1 Nat Beast = insane lockdown field <3

Or 1 Roach + 1 Librarian + 1 Stardust + 1 card drawn from librarian effect when you sync Stardust.


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Michael Bonacini said...

I'll support the hype. Makes GBs even more playable!