Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reinforce Truth + Deck concept [zombie synchro?]

Just looked up the idea of running 3 of this card as 3 Emergency Teleport, and 3 X Saber Pashul as the warrior tuner.

This combo is almost exactly like Emergency Teleport + Krebons.

Also, i tried Zombie elements with Doppel, Dandy and friends and surprisingly its working very well.

The zombie master acts as a good way to discard in hand grave-necessities like Bulb, Spore etc to the grave. Goblin Zombie is still one of the most efficient monster search engines ever, next to X Saber Darksoul of course.

Was thinking of making it more versatile with Zombie World.

Could be some new era of synchro madness.

Because Doppel fits the condition of the Zombies recycling element.

And with 2 to 3 Book of Life????

Its like really easy to make Librarian and spam Formulas.

Thats all for today =)


LightGrunty said...

I actually tried out a Zombie Synchro deck with a T.G. engine. You basically never lose card advantage, it's pretty cool. And it can drop Trishula pretty easily.

Unfortunately, it's kinda slow. I would expect the Plant/Doppel build to be much faster.

chronoz rule said...

Plants vs Zombies
that was my idea michael
Kelvin here and yes! im from bintulu

Anonymous said...

Sorry, how exactly are you making the Librarians?

Soliel said...

Zombie world -> Steal Enemy tuners from graveyard with Zombie master.

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

Tried Reinforce Truth and didn't like it =/
But standard Zombies are working great, think I'll play it at German Nationals =)

mike said...

@ Chronoz rules- which kelvin are we talkin abt? kev chan? Plants VS zombies FTW

@ LG- i wouldnt run the TG version. dont really like the TG mechanic. Problem with plant doppel version is the inconsistency. but that can be helped here and there. just trying new stuff out.

@ anon- there are alot of methods. Goblin zombie/ master + Bulb, spore, veiler etc.

Plauqespreader + Doppel + random token from previous Dandy/ doppel etc.

Birdman + Doppel =) its a synchro deck, so yeah.

@ soliel- yeah. its really fun ^^

@ GUardian Angel- Ppl have overlooked zombies. there are tons of support for their synchro summoning. Im not sure how they will play out, but stuff like doppel,and dandy sounds really good with the archetype. Zombie World was just a fun pick which could work out really well.

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

I know Zombies play out well, YCS Paris proved it ;)
Please tell me how your testing worked out ;)