Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 17th Big tourney

Yeah, so Malaysia's gonna be having its first Asian Tournament right in KL (i hope we do a good job and dont give bad impression to the other Asians)

If the tourney doesnt turn out that well, at least the players will have some eye candy, (sungai wang's like some nest for all the young girls around)

So, here's a list to some of the common decks that you have to watch out for, and what you will have to do against them.

The first and foremost common deck will be BF Graveyard.

One thing im sceptical about is how OCG players and Malaysians just cant get rid of their BF fetish. Nevertheless, if i were a participant, i'd be very very happy because this means i'd have easy and good matchups, and all i have to do is side in Holy Light to win the game.

Cemetery Vayu is an incredibly tuned down version of BF, whose only moves are dumping darks and getting free Vanilla beatsticks. Then, coupled with a few backrow tricks like Oppression and Icarus Attack, which is possible to play around. Also, the most impressive trick is only returning Oppression to special summon Zephyros and do some special summoning that turn, but if you ask me, thats not impressive enough to win, and never will. The only reason i see Grave BF doing well is because its run in big numbers everywhere.

The next popular deck is Six Samurai. This is a much harder matchup because first turn Shi En can lock alot of people's deck and the number of Samurai players should increase due to the drop in standard BF because of the ban list. One of KL's Samurai characteristics is basically the inclusion of Shien's Dojo, while some players will go to the extent of maining Shien's Yoriko and Six Samurai Yaichi.

Yaichi is good tech, i have liked it since i played Samurai for the first time 4 years ago. People should be running him and Hand of the Six over Mizuho and Shinai because the infinite loop is much harder to pull off.

The third most popular deck should be Gravekeeper. The success of Frazier's creations has revolutionized the whole world. Royal Tribute + Duality is too strong. However, KL version usually runs 2x Sin Stardust Dragon to protect their NecroValleys and to apply beatdown.

The bad thing about Malaysian meta is that they dont have Recruiter. While Duality plays a big part in setting up, Recruiter plays a big part in keeping the monster supply together with Stele. Without 3 Recruiter, they only have 3 Stele and Spy so that means a lesser monster supply. If you can get rid of those monsters, you should be fine. Caius the Shadow Monarch and double Dimension Prison should do the trick.

The increase of GKs will make me write of Formula Monarchs. Im very sure the deck is still good , in the hands of good players like Sun Shin Tat, but you would have to go into the tourney praying you dont get Royal Tributed.

I have heard news of at least 3 players going with GK as their deck choice, and at least one of them is good player, and has tested GK thoroughly.

Hero Beat is not relevant because Airman is not legal. I do think Gorz will be legal soon because i speculate its reprint in the Dark World Structure.

One of KL's meta characteristics is that many of the decks are slightly more trap based, because that is "lumrah orang Malaysia", i guess we feel more safe behind our traps. Quoting LGQ's friend Nick, "anti meta is KL meta"

Thats why i suggest any player who isnt running Gravekeepers or anything to play Trap Stun and Seven Tools of the Bandit. Royal Decree is not really recommended because everyone is still running 2 MST in their maindecks.

Furthermore, KL players or Malaysian players in general can be divided into two types: one that follow Yugioh throroughly throughout internet information, and the other group are players who dont. So do not be surprised if you see players splashing their own tech and playing queer traps which catch you off guard. Dont be surprised if you have game but your opponent plays Magic Cylinder and you will be WTF. And these are the players running rogue-ish based builds

Of course this situation usually happens only within the first two rounds of the games. Because those players should be eliminated soon =)

Do not waste your MST, and do not overextend.

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LightGrunty said...

I assume no Junk Doppel because Hyper Librarian isn't legal in that format?

If that's the case, then I would want to play Scraps in that format. Scraps have a relatively bad match-up against Junk Doppel, but are good against everything else, except Royal Tribute, of course.

It's just surprising to me that no one plays Scraps in the OCG. The only good TCG-exclusive Scrap is Scrap Archfiend, which isn't all that important.

mike said...

Scraps are good, but not common. last year a scrap built utilising forbidden lances (before it became famous) took the first spot in a major tourney.

i think many arent using them because well of certain malaysian mentality- if its not bf or samurai or anything popular then no one will run them. it took frog ftk some time to become popular last year man. only after the same guy michael (scrap player from above) won the national championships with frog ftk.

i'd like scraps but its quite hard to find scrap chimeras for a cheap price here o.o

there will be a few plant decks randomly and i just got recent news about dt cards being legal which will change the whole thing.

SunnyTat said...

LoL... Im still thinking of wanna use Formula Monarch deck or not in the tournament leh...

mike said...

@ sun- yea. i wouldnt use it if i were you. what else do youu have in mind?

Exiro said...

Kudos for calling Blackwings a 'fetish'!

"One of KL's Samurai characteristics is basically the inclusion of Shien's Dojo, while some players will go to the extent of maining Shien's Yoriko and Six Samurai Yaichi."

Imo, Shien's Dojo is only worth it precisely when used in combination with Yoriko. Dojo + Kizan = Shi En. No?

SunnyTat said...

@mike- trying to make a karakuri deck... P/S: Not Karakuri Machiner Plant

LGQ said...

one of the main reasons Scraps aren't popular is how expensive it is. The deck is almost as expensive as BF but unlike BF, it was not competitively proven in the format, so not many would gamble that amount of cash on it.

I highly doubt we see keeper's in big numbers here. Unless we get recruiter, I don't see many playing them.

But in our meta, its always be extra careful when u take on certain opponent, not certain decks. As rogue decks ALWAYS wins in the big tourneys.

Oji Mike's win with Scrap, Sung Lee's win with plant syncro (after banned list ) and gigavise, Mango's top with random syncron based deck, and a lot more.

mike said...

@ LGQ- bf has higher win rate cos so damn many ppl play it >.< i think GK should be a surprise factor, i've talked to only 3/ 8 ppl and at least 2 have confirmed on GKs. Necrovalley is good in this meta..

I'd rather play scraps, 3 chimera @210, and 3 scrap dragon @ 45 ea is much cheaper than 3 vayu, and 3 siroco @ rm100 ea :/

shows how good sunglee's shop players are. seans definitely one of them tho. btw i heard mango's win was luck based?

@ sun shin tat- i have tried formula monarchs lately and came up with a really good build,. will post it within next few days. maybe you can try GB. cos GB easy to sidedeck cards in and you got many trap to control protect yourself..

@ Exiro- seriously BF has been around too damn long. Its like Hosni Mubarak's reign in Egypt..

Thats why they play Dojo and yoriko =) some run it to get out Brionac. Thank god Goyou Guardian was banned. Konami knew what they were doing.

petqwe said...

Excuse me sir, is the Agent Fairy legal in your region?

SunnyTat said...

@mike GB is good but I have to take time to suit myself with its play style... 2 more weeks till the tournament... now i juz hav to complete my deck with 1 more instant fusion...^^

mike said...

@ petqwe- yeah actually it is. forgot about it. but from what i heard, its not too popular now and meta is six samurai and grave BF

Shin Tat- okay good luck :) i have that card if you want. one copy. your in luck lol.