Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can't Wait For This Format To Be Over!

I hope everyone had an awesome new year =)

Played casual yesterday. Frog Monarch died so much. Opponent used Zombie World, i emo, he used Zombie Master to summon my Frog too.

Then played against Scraps, and i got Soul Released.

Scraps Vs Frogs!

Best situation today: Your staring down a field of 4 Scrap monsters, two being random scrap monsters, and the other 2 are Scrap Dragon and Scrap Twin.

My turn: Standby, Summon Frog, play Enemy Controller, tribute Frog, take Scrap Twin. Use Twin to attack and destroy something, and then tribute Scrap Twin to return Scrap Dragon and the other random Scrap monster to hand.

Epic clear field advantage :D


On a side note, Soliel posted about Swords of Revealing Light being decent this format.

Its true, as it throws decks like BF, Samurai, Plants, Hero Beat off guard.

Being able to bait out MST is priceless this format, but Plants actually has Caius to take care of it.

Baits Icarus Attacks or Gemini Sparks too, or you stall for a while , while you draw out of a bad hand, or set up the field.

The only decks it loses to are Frog Monarch, and maybe GB but its hard, they need to get a bestiari too, and the thing is that these decks comprise of the minority of the decks around.

There are basically two types of Malaysian duelists mentality when they see Swords of Revealing Light.

Mentality #1 : Aiya! Swords nia? Nothing one, no advantage, won't kill me, i scared meh, okay let you stall, i also set up field and kill you!

Pros: Let you stall, and catch your opponent off guard next few turns when you draw out of a bad hand.

Mentality #2 : Oh no, must direct MST, i wanna attack! ><

Pros: Wasted MSTs.

Of course, I'm not gonna say which one of the above mentalities i possess.

Also, you must understand sometimes you will come across random player decks which splash Breaker (spellcaster) or Destructotron (Psychics) or Aklys (Dragunities), and you lose heart and think to yourself, "why the hell did i maindeck this?"

No more comment about this format, can't wait for it to be over.


Michael Bonacini said...

I never liked SoRL. So many of the top tier decks have such instant access to killing it, and even if they don't, big deal, you survived 3 turns. Unless you drew Dark Hole (or something to that effect), all you did was waste you and your opponent's time lol.

Sure, it can work, but more often than not, it's very subpar.

mike said...

True. But its slightly different here in Malaysia (OCG)

In TCG, its just hyunlei bait.

but i agree with you.

Its good in Six Sam mirror match

LFN said...

It's too bad you didn't draw into your MST...

But yea Zombie world is a btch to deal with, you're likely going to have to synchro into Black Rose or Gungnir or something and kill it.

mike said...

No gungnir, proxying 3 formula synchron is enough man XD

couldnt black rose either because cant sac for mobius = no black rose

LFN said...

Reborn a dead mobius and gogo fishborg for gungnir lol

blackrose isn't actually that hard, you can do it w/ glow up bulb + reborn or if you're playing genex monarchs

SS treeborn, enemy controller grab a level 4 (or 3), then synch the lvl 4 w/ Genex Controller for Black Rose (if you grabbed a lvl 3 then just bring back treeborn to make 7)

Sunny said...

I can see your problem while facing Zombie World... I faced it b4 this and it quite deadly to Frog Monarch deck...
So, Swap Creature should be able to save your life...
Or siding Fairy Wind in your deck should be better...
It can destroy all the trap or magic cards in face up position and declear effect damage to opparent and yourself...
Now I use it to against Zombie World, Gozen Match, Six Samurai's Gate, Skill Drain...

mike said...

@ LFN- problem is my opponent opened with zombie world on first turn so no such thing as dead mobius. and monster reborn is nt with me!

also, no im nt using genex variant. also could you enlighten me on the point of using a genex engine? and which genex cards are used etc.

@ sunny- LOL nvm la i casual play only, no tourneys in my area anyways, so twas just for fun. we would NEVER, i repeat NEVER sidedeck when playing with our own friends. Competitive YuGiOh is the last thing on our minds here, as most of our decks are fun and casual. eg: aliens, Core Chimail, Psychics.

Thats why when i come KL, i will face a problem adapting to the first 2 days there because im not used to the competitive playstyle so i underperform slightly (but of course i shouldnt give excuses i know)

But your right Fairy Wind is incredible. Did you know Doom Caliber Knight and Core Chimail Guardian can really fck frog monarchs? they negate you then every turn summon beatstick from Urknight's effect. i kena imbal-ed

Sunny said...

Doom Caliber Knight and Core Chimail Guardian?
ya... they can negate the effect of Monarch but not Treeborn Frog...??
Doom Caliber Knight's effect: Must tribute and negate the effect... while u special summon a treeborn frog from grave during standby phase, Doom Caliber Knight mus tribute himself and negate... then it can special summon again... rite? (I'm not sure with the ruling but i think it should be like wat i said...)
And for Core Chimail Guardian, since it is optional so we can't do anything... juz hav to waste a monarch to kill it or keep defence with the frog u have in grave until he destroy himself by his own effect...

LFN said...

You play Genex Undine, to dump Treeborn or Fishborg, while adding a Genex Controller to your hand. You can then use Genex Controller as Fishborg discard fodder, or as a tuner, or to RFG with Allure.

IMO it's faster and more versatile than the frog engine coz it thins your deck and you've got more tuners, but it REALLY REALLY sucks if you open double Genex Controller, since you can't ditch w/ Undine unless you have a Controller to add from your deck.

mike said...

@ Sun- Yeah your right. But problem is my opponent was SMART. He left me with my frog on field and just leave it there and DCK to lock while he draw his combos. GG. I wanted to Monarch him but from the effect of "Dragged Down Into A Grave", and Trap Dust Shoot, i know he had Warning set. So GG, and next turn he drew combo LOL.

@ LFN- if i come across any of those cards, i'll trade for them and test it out :) since my friends voted frognarch as the most boring deck i ever built

LFN said...

Proxy lol.

Lol rly? I find it to be a really fun deck.

mike said...

dislike proxyin :) personal problem lol

err fun for me, not fun for them LOL