Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book of Moon? Drain it!

Okay so last night, i had a hatred for Book of Moon so to sought some comfort, i went to look at some old cards, in my piles of cards and tin boxes, to search for some inspiration to find good sidedeck cards that can be used, and isn't this what everyone does? if you don't then i suggest you guys do this NOW instead of wait for Shriek and netdeck etc.

Oh and if your wondering why i was not studyin last night, it was cos today's tests were Add Maths 2 papers, and you just can't study for add maths. Except maybe brush up on some formulas.

I was quite disappointed with today's paper. No challenge, my paper promised a hard paper but it was meh.

Ok enough crap talk. LOL.

So i saw 2 cards that caught my eye,

Weed Out.

Pay 500 life points. Destroy all face up attack position monsters that are level 3 or less.

LOL it would be SOO Good if not for the attack position. It will FCK quickdraw plants or plant synchron like nothing.

Oh well, good for destroying tuners!

I double tune 2 cards to make Scar Red Nova!

Weed Out!


Next is Magic Drain.

Which is a good tech to destroy Book of Moon.

The deck which uses Book of Moon best is BF.

They use about only 7 to 8 spells so it is a high chance you will negate Book of Moon.

Nobody is gonna negate Pot of Duality with it cos Duality is used up straight away when they get it USUALLY.

So, when they activate Book of Moon, chain Magic Drain!

Come and discard your broken Monster Reborn or Dark Hole to negate it! hahaha.

Oh oh wait wait. Opponent activates MR or Dark Hole, chain Magic Drain! Forced to discard Book of Moon from hand.

What is this card perfect or not??

For my own deck, i have found an answer to destroying Book of Moon. X Sabers have a 1000 ways to synchro per turn due to 3x Gottoms 3x Faultroll 3x Fullhelm etc.

So, just try do some random synchro and then bait out Book.

Sync Natural Beast so no more spells can be played..

I just hope i don't mill my Cold Wave because Cold Wave > Heavy Storm. Hyunlei into Wave is 3 turns without opponent having traps/ spells.

So, time to buy Naturia Beast TCG vers from Ebay! Haha.

Naturia Beast is not going down easily with high trap count...

On a random point of view, royal decree + 3 Book of moon + 3 econ +3 veiler (in a way GQ's idea) for Saber decks? or splashed in other deck concepts? Playable or not? LOL try it out.

I wouldn't advise people to run more than 2 veiler. Multiple Veilers are awesome late game and mid game but if you draw 2 in early game, get ready to cry, because you have just about 3 cards only to play, and what can you do with only 3 ?? LOL. Compared to opponents 5 or 6 they have so much more options than you....

So, is Veiler maindeck worthy in TWOs in combo specific decks like Sabers Plants etc?

I think not just in case you draw 2 off early game and that is seriously GG cos you have almost 0% set-up.

Its good as 1 as TECH because its like a Forbidden Chalice which doesnt plus 400 atk, and comes from hand and tunes stuff and is LIGHT.

Also, a shoutout to Michael Bonacini, i just read all his posts yesterday, awesome detailed post(S) of how to beat BF. I haven't played against meta BF for almost so damn long, its gonna be real useful to me in KL. Thanks.

Gonna get my Natural Beast soon. Natural Beast + Veiler + Book + Trap Stun, Wong Fei Hung , i'm coming! I'm gonna need to borrow a Brionac though T.T


Duelist#LGQ said...

he close shop d. Last week was a bad week for him. Sat Oji Mike and sun hafiz!

Michael Bonacini said...

youre welcome :) good luck!

mike said...

No need luck hehehe. hey btw add me on fb lol.