Thursday, September 9, 2010

VS LGQ + random

Side 3x Compulsory Evacuation Device


* Fusk his Scar Red Nova :D
* LOL @ E hero Shining bye bye
* Koaki Meiru bye bye no advantage with Urknight etc
* Bye Bye Flamvell Firedog. Or return F. magician to his hand and clog it!!!
* Make sure his field don't have 2 X sabers for Faultroll rape
* VS declarer- Ooops i got nothing XD

Okay this is just random fun post cos im bored durin holidays. Haha LGQ i sidedeck 3x Compulsory at end of year. Sorry LGQ !

Wonder why people stopped playing Frog Monarchs. Sure there is no more Substitoad but guys you do have extra Treeborn and according to Andrew, it still works marvelously because Snowman Eater is the best replacement ever.

Effect Veiler is Good shit. Light Beat deck should pack one copy for versaility and flexibility because it can negate stuff or let you synchro.

Loki's effect just came out. Not as good as it was predicted on Wikia =( Nuuuu.

Do you realise that when you play casually etc you duel better, and win more?

Debris Dragon = new tech in XX Sabers and virtually everywhere?? o.o Everybody wanna spam Black rose and Trishula like nothing.

One last question, why are duelists still playing Mirror Force? And spamming monsters like water this format. Guys, you gotta conserve them!


Neuxcharge said...


Its an Attack post!!! D=

Soon LGQ may come and comment and use Trap Stun!!!! O_O

mike said...

LOLx im joking only. hahaha he too busy with exams lahh

neux, i chain my teched 7 tools of the bandit wahahahah =D

its fun to attack him la lol. funny le his reaction.=D

Duelist#LGQ said...

Royal DECREE!!!

MAIN 3 in every deck!!


I laugh in the name of Traps!!

Exiro said...

Trap Eater. Ha!

Ryan said...


mike said...

Ryan, everyone totally posted a trap negation card etc lol. except you. FOUL! YELLOW CARD LOL.

@ LGQ- Decree? I "Double Snare" you! :D (Look it up its an old spell)