Saturday, September 11, 2010


Confidence is really a very important aspect to the competitive side of YuGiOh.

Of course you don't need to exert confidence when meeting players while playing casually.

Somehow ah, this confidence gives you an edge because it intimidates your opponents. Suddenly, to them, your plays are so good and hard to counter.

Some duelists exert this amazing amount of aura of confidence.

That's why they have a sort of edge against other less confident players.

Yugi once said the 3 most important rules of gaming was that

1) When one player is disadvantaged, the other might show off and reveal his weakness
2) Always act like you have the upper hand.
3) Save your trump card for the end.

Let's interpret-
1) Basically means do not be overconfident and look down on your opponent. You will make mistakes which will lead to your downfall.

2) Exert your confidence (mind games etc)

3) Play it conservative and safe. Do not go for game if you cannot guarantee at least 80% chance of victory.

I notice Singaporean players are like this (according to Andrew). Malaysian players? 80% no way like this hahaha.

What about you?

Okay that's all for today I guess.


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