Saturday, October 24, 2009

Second and Third of the Asian Qualifiers Trilogy

Do you guys know whats the problem with series posts? I do. Two posts ago I promised to post on "card choices for certain decks and why you should run them", and that was approximately one week ago. I had all the ideas in my head up and running but now its all gone and I cant remember much =( So, for today Im just gonna concentrate on the 3 main decks:

1) Gladiator Beasts
2) Lightsworn
3) Black Feather Variants

Since I can remember LS the best, I'll start with them. I think the normal Lightsworn deck is pretty standard. I have never played LS before (because Im not interested thats all) and I have played against LS very rarely too so I probably may make some mistakes, hither that, I'll still carry on.

I think the choice of spells and traps are the main decision point for LS. Would you rather main Royal Decree or Beckoning Light? Will you want to main cards such as Lightning Vortex? The bad thing about LS is that if you run one copy of a certain spell/trap, it IS VERY LIKELY that you will mill it away or never see it in a duel. Thats why people run 3 charges and 3 recharges. On the contrary I'll first discuss Beckoning Light.

Beckoning Light- I think Light is a very useful card to ensure JD is in your hands, or get that Lyla back to boom some oppressions! I did say to see many a copy of a card in LS you gotta run 3, or at least 2. Beckoning Light is different. Its not a key card and its much dead in early game while you are still starting out. Therefore, I think the preferable number is 2 or 1(for you ppl who have defined luck) Some players just have that sort of luck where they never ever see a single card in their games but see multiples of another instead! I think we all know what I mean as there is/(are) card(s) that we always see, and for me that is Trap dustshoot. I think TD loves me and I see it in my early hands at least 3/5 games.

Next up is lightning vortex- why is this card a must? why is it not? There are several possible answers to both questions and definitely several reasons to running it. For the first, Vortex helps you to clear your opponents field so you can swarm and attack. Is the discard worth it? No and Yes. Sometimes you can discard Plaquespreader zombie/ black shining C/ Necro guardna or put a 4th Lightlord into the grave for JD. But if you have none of the above, it merely depletes your card presence. Can it save you? yes. What if you have no monsters to run with Celestia and your JDs are gone and Beckoning is nowhere? Yes, you need Lightning Vortex. But then if you run Lightning Vortex at one, it is possible you willl hardly see it as explained above. If you run 2 instead, its just not worth it because it takes up your card space and the slots could be used to play something that can make the deck more consistent? Now the question boils down to this : Is is worth running? You tell me. Again its player choice n preferance. If I had to make a choice, it will be no. =X

I think everybody knows spirit burner. And why its awesome in LS. I dont need to explain but then I want to highlight some pros about this card and remind you guys to run it in your builds because it will really save you and add some spice to the deck. Unlike other spell cards or traps, where once they are milled, they are gone. Burner is different because once it is milled to the grave, it still is able to serve a function or play its role. If opponent wants to waste DD crow on it, be my guest. Also its a spell, so not affected by D.D Fissure.

Royal decree is also something you want to run 3 in your sideboards. It cripples certain decks (ask neuxcharge- true story!) So a sideboard of LS should contain at least 2-3 threatening roar, 2-3 Decrees, 1-2 lightning vortex(just in case :D), and copies of malevolent catastrophe. Im also wondering why people arent running more Twilights or Undeadlord builds. They seem more fun, better, and you get several options to make and have several strategies ba.
I'm also wondering why some people rather play Black shining C instead of Necro guardna. In my opinion, Gardna is far more useful and more versatile and some decks just dont run synchros (eg: Glads and LS mirror match)

Now we talk about Vayuu. The most popular BWs build now will probably be Akatsuki Control which was popularised by Rodrigo Togores, and my man LGQ. Its cheaper than Cemetery Vayuu (3 burials already find till half dead!) and its much more fun! You get to run Oppresion. IMO, Oppression in a meta deck is so much much fun! Now the problem is collecting 3 Super rare Sirrocos.

The most important piece of tech in here IMO, is definitely Kycoo the Ghost destroyer. Some players have already spotted this gem and taken the liberty to run it. Some players still have not seen it, and Im hoping players now take heed of whats written here. Kycoo is definitely definitely MADE FOR THIS DECK. Many players fear matching against Kycoo but what they fail to realise is that this card is your best friend. Kycoo's first effect prevents your opponent from playing Necro gardna, Black shinging C or removing his own Vayuu. If vayuu is in the cemetery and cant remove, your opponent has a dead bird. Dont forget, his effect also protects your Vayu from being removed from played by anything. The text reads "your opponent cannot remove cards from either graveyards from play." This means you yourself can do so.
Not to forget Kycoo has 1800 attack and is quite hard to take down. He is also spellcaster so you can mix that other chicken in to make him into an Arcanite Magician- something which is not seen very often.

Now that Arcanite is mentioned, we remember Summon priest. Some players wonder if he is worth running. The answer, simply, is No. Your spells are already limited and it is just retarded to discard Black whirlwind or allure. =.= Other cards like brain control, MST, heavy storm are all more needed than that lvl4 monster that you wanna call out. If its shura, you can just wait for the sirroco+blackwhirlwind combo.

Final deck: DDGB!
Im not gonna talk about standard GB and Im not afraid to say its either too slow, too inconsisent and has no more chance. Cat GB is even worse. Drawing Samnites and test tiger is worse than LS bad hand! Trust me! By the time you wait to attack and return Samnite to deck you would have died already or drawn it again!
DDGB is the dark horse among the decks and has several good and bad points. In the first game, its is MOST LIKELY 99.999% confirmed you will win if you match against LS or Vayuu cemetery. I am not gonna add that 0.001% in case I have to eat my words if you draw all monster hand and your opponent is simply touching himself! But in the 2nd n 3rd games when your opponent sides in those catastrophes get ready to scoop! save those dark bribes and that solemn! Or simply, dont set down many cards, conserve them, or just set the chainable ones. Chainable cards such as Waboku or Threatening Roar or whatsoever.

Against the mirror match I remind you guys to side out waboku and put in Shrink or Econs or any sort of spells. Waboku is terrible as since its your opponents turn, your opponent gets to tag out his Murmillo first!

Then, I want to remind you guys out there not to run 3 chariots. (thanks Rau) Chariot at 3 is going to be terribad because you just see it too often. It should only be played in 2. Two is just right not too many not too little. Its gonna be sickening to see Chariot all the time (thanks to equeste too!) plus you would much rather play other tech cards in the deck instead to open up new possibilites.

Waboku at 2 or 3 is basically player choice. Some would much rather run 2 because they want to play other counter cards or monster removal. Some would rather play 3 because it is never dead, and always does its job. Personally I rather play 3, but im trying two out at the moment and its been doing just as well.

Next is Morphing Jar! I know I mentioned before its terrible in DDGB and theory-wise it is terrible. It may give you more options but then your opponent gains too! I admit Im wrong and urge you people to play it. Jar has saved me countless times and it also sometimes (just sometimes) disrupts opponents hands. Actually the idea is givving your opponents more opptions may sound bad but it is easy to handle with your 5 cards. Also, the idea of drawing 5 new cards is just too inviting in a deck like DDGB which is so boring and never draws cards.

Summoner monk is one more piece of card that I consider playing. Monk+ GB on field and a spell in hand= Gyzarus. It solves many of your monster problems too because of the lack of monsters. Think of Monk as a double sided tool because it turns cards into and A and B. You can choose to treat your spell card as a spell, or you can turn it into any 4 star monster from your deck. Monk is just plain good and I like it =) Its not gonna die very early in a deck such as DDGB.

One more thing! Players should not worry too much about the problem of monster clogging and run so few monsters as it will just be your own downfall. In fact the standard monster count should be 12 to 13. I choose 12 though. People should also max 2 to 3 kycoos.

Thats a long post. At least I wont have a heavy conscience since I wont be posting for almost the whole of next week. After Friday, I probably will post alot as its gonna be boring after the KL trip. OHH yeah one last reminder! Dont forget to keep a straight poker face even if all your spells or traps get heavy stormed and you have nothing left while opponent has full field of monsters. There was something else I wanted to say but then i suddenly forgot, next time I need a notebook and write whatever comes to my mind down. Ah well.

I hope you guys found this post useful and use it to your advantage. Oh yes I finally remembered what I wanted to say! The qualifiers are coming very soon and will be here before you know it, so,....start building your deck and playtesting it out now. Find out the weaknesses and tune it to fit your playing style (thats the most important!) Good luck and kudos to everybody joining!

Anyways, I hope I can sleep on Monday night as I will be feeling the full KL fever. Kl here I come!

Thanks for reading

Edit: Now Ken have nothing to say =X

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Duelist#LGQ said...

The 3 Sirocco's are really big problems. It cast about 90% of your deck.