Friday, July 3, 2009

Busy Now- so a rather short update

Second term is coming up. I'm busy cramming. No time to update. Sorry, in one week's time i'll be free though

So, just random updates:

United Kingdom Nationals Decklists:

do go to The Irish Duelist to check it out. Blackwings only one deck =) Lightsworn dominates.

To all the blackwing users: silver wing the isolated effect's is broken. But to summon it requires a tuner, and TWO other monsters. Its rather hard so i'm damn happy about it.

Meanwhile, think ur an expert in Yugioh?

Go to gaijin duelist to look up on one of the hardest problem situations you'll probably ever find in Yugioh.

here's the problem:

It is the World Championships, FINALS, Match 3. You have lost one and won one to this point.

You take a moment to review your current situation.

Life: 2100
Deck: 30(Anything you want)
Hand: Light and Darkness Dragon, Reinforcement to the Army, Mind Control, Terraforming
Field: Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane(Face-up Atk)
Graveyard: Mystical Space Typhoon, Heavy Storm, Blackwing - Vaayu the Large Banner, Crush Card Virus, Compulsary Evacuation Device, Mystic Tomato.
RFP: None
Extra: 15(Anything you want)
Home: 1 dog waiting to be fed
Bladder: Just emptied

As you wonder HOW DID YOU MAKE IT THIS FAR, you look at your opponent's field.
Due to your Crush Card Virus, you know all of the Enemy's cards.

Life: 8000
Deck: 35
Hand: None
Field: Doomcaliber Knight(Face Up Atk), Spirit Reaper(Face up Def.), Book Of Moon (Face Down)
Graveyard: Breaker the Magical Warrior, Dark Bribe, Doomcaliber Knight, King Tiger Wanghu, X Saber Airbellum, Royal Oppression, Sangan, Gold Sarcophagus
RFP: Plaguespreader Zombie
Extra: 15(Unknown)

The Judge gives you a warning for "staring at a bystander's chest", creating an air of akwardness, due to the fact that there are no women around, snapping you back into the game.

It is the end of the draw phase of your turn. Win this turn.

The deck you use(since you can have anything in it), must follow tournament Rules.

Look out for that Doomcaliber Knight.

Hint #1: LaDD
Hint #2: Vaayu
Hint #3: Mystic Tomato

I looked at it, and gave up in 3 seconds- no time to think! Must study.

On a side note, you can still enter for Rauzes' free deck giveaway- one and a half more hours to go till dateline! (in conjunction with his blog's 20000 hits)- congrats rauzes! You can choose 2 of the 3: Warrior strike, Starterdeck, and Spellcaster deck. I hope I get picked =/

As for the nationals in Singapore, Blackwing swept the top 3. Kitty Beat in 4th place

Malaysian Nationals are taking place tomorrow. To all the duelists, good luck and watch out for ANTI META DECKS which are quite annoying. BWs are also another annoying pick. i"m looking forward to see the decklists and hope some new innovative deck can appear. I like Rauzes' take on Junk and Debris in space. Kinda reminds me of Wall-E, but definitely not boring like the movie.

As for myself, i have no time to go -.- every year Nationals take place during my school exam. Crapp =_=

my picks on the Big 5 for Malaysia are:

1) Blackwings- undeniably the strongest contender and veteran out here in the OCG meta

2) Gladial Beasts- most likely the Forest dimension version will prevail and succeed or some people will play samnite, cat version ala TCG. But, they will find themselves raped by BWs :-/

3) Lightsworn- the most dominant swarm,surprise force- scary!

4)Cat Beat- May not be so dominant since we lose out the promos, but DDB, spy, and arcanite Magician with cold wave is really annoying! plus it techs koalakko (sea koala), chaos sorceror, and everything. Deck devastation virus stops it dead though.

5) Meta beat- Whether it will be Plant Control, Skill drain variants, light undead, gladial forest anything that has the power to stop something important like card effects, monster attacks or negate everything your opponent throws at you, while backed up with solemn judgment and dark bribe is very, very powerful. If you arent teched or sided against it, you confirm lost. Meta beat usually assures itself the first game of every rubber match.

Hope i can go next year, and to you all going to Nats this Saturday, do break a leg.

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