Friday, June 12, 2009

Morphing Jar

Today's review would be about Morphing Jar. In the Dimensional GB deck and the AKB deck(this is for those TCG players out there.
I've been going around today and i see MJ in alot of AKB decks. Truth is it sucks there, and just doesnt belong =/ i hope this post (any TCGplayer ppl reading this pls heed this)

Why? Its obvious. It netts u 5 cards and thats terrible. sure it sounds awesome at first, but think about having 3 airbellums in ur hand. Its a dead draw, and u might as well throw away ur rescue Cat and Summoner Monks. Next reason, it gives ur opponent 5 i repeat FIVE more options to take you out the next turn. Oh wait thats 6 he gets to draw. While ur mopping over ur drawn Airbellums he's taking over. If u were playing against Blackwings, just scoop. If u do win, u either have very good luck, or ur opponent has terrible luck.

While u draw ur Airbellum, dont forget u draw ur beasts, and GRAVEKEEPER SPY. Ur spy on the field becomes useless, and u have a hand full of dead cards. So, just like that ur 5 cards become 2 or 3 (due to useless dead cards) and the on field card just dies. And ur opponent has 5cards. Making u at a -2 or a -3. If its about winning it out in a topdeck and MJ makes n awesome one, u should'nt be in that position. So long as u play carefully, atune yourself to the deck, nothing will go wrong. Dont waste ur deck space playing Jar.

As in Dimension GB, i hope people dont go around running it too. You may say, GB would do great with the 5 extra cards. If ur opponent's cards and field has been controlled by ur deck, why give him more options? It may mean 5 more cards for u, but then it means 5 more things u have to work on taking down. If u fail in doing so, u lost. If u do succeed, ur just lucky and wont get any luckier next time. The deck is about pure control and simplification so dont go running something that will take it away. I mean 5 new cards! gosh. You want to see as few monsters in ur hand in Dimension GB and with 5 new cards you'll probably see about one to two or even 3!

In other words don't make it harder for urself.
Although u gotta admit in some situations, jar can save u if ur running the dimension GB. But it helps ur opponent more. Its a double edged sword. Are u willing to take the risk? The answer is NO for dimension GB. In standard GB (which no one plays in the OCG anymore) it might help but thats a different story.

(gosh he does look creepy doesnt he. Reminds me of urborg the evil eye from Magic the Gathering.)

Thats all for today. Do play fair, and enjoy the game

Tomorrow: I'll explain why people dont play Airbellum n try to mix AKB in a GB deck. If u want to mix, its much better to just play AKB it self. =.= gosh these people.

BTW its damn hot in Malaysia here n presumably in Singapore too (according to HR) Nows the real time we need a COLD WAVE! Dammit! Not only for those AKB decks.


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