Tuesday, December 23, 2008

KL tournament

So in the Kl trip i heard abt this tournament i think its a christmas tournament? or a duelist king one? Im not so sure either. I dint join the tournament =( because of two main reasons:

a) cant use promo cards-dammit la Brionac, dark end, mezuki, Gorz all gone poof =P
b) All the sleeves must be konami distributed- F*ck la whats sort of rule like that. I have to buy two whole new packs! One cost rm20 so i have to spend (rm20 x 2) + (rm15-entrance fee). Thats a total of Rm 55 just to enter -..- I rather spend the cash on manga or some new clothes , shoes e.t.c

Anyway , i managed to make it there on saturday to bring a live coverage. Only managed to get the champ's decklist because i was lazy to ask number 2 and number 4. But number 3 said he will give me on this blog (: So here are some pictures. (:

They had to rent a (approimately) 10m x 30m area to hold part of the tourney.
Got so many more ppl in the shop. Rumours that this tourney had more than 100 players entering. Im not surprised either. Anyways, i met a guy who bore too much resemblance to Lazaro Bellido. -.- ask sam or alex if u dint believe

So it seems this tourney not only joined by Malaysians even Singaporeans! Say hello Sam! Sitting quietly waiting for the first round to start. So in this trip i managed to make friends with Sam and Alex Yeo((aka Angryboy92)

Name: Karl (forgot surname)
ranking : number 4
deck: tele- DAD

Name: Alex Yeo (aka angryboy92)
Rank: Number 3
deck : Anti Meta Gladiator beasts
ZZZ this boy made me and sam run all the way to LRT station back and forth cross so many roads. He said he wait at LRT station then when we get there he took a taxi already ZZZ. Nice friendly chap though (:

Name: (I dont know i mean seriously dont know he hardly talks and then nobody knows him either. He probably isnt from KL )
ranking: Number 2
deck: lightlords

Name: IVAN
ranking: Number #1
deck: tele DAD return

A picture of the top 8! Wah see alex and all the top also got medals ^^ 1st prize gets five boxes! and alot of other stuff i cant rmbr
Anyways for a treat here is the number one decklist ^^
Tele-DAD return (40 cards)
Monsters (20)
2 necro gardnar
2 armagaedon knight
1 plaquespreader zombie
1 psychic commander
3 clevonse
2 Dark grepher
2 D-hero Dasher
3 D-hero Diabolic guy
2 dark armed dragon
Spells (15)
3 allure of darkness
3 reinforcements of the army
2 destiny draw
3 emergency teleport
1 monster reborn
1 brain control
1 Mystical space typhoon
1 Heavy storm
Traps (5)
1 Crush card virus
1 Torrential tribute
Tomorrow I'll do another " the champions post" on this deck by Ivan and show you why its so good and why it became the top deck (: happy netdecking

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