Monday, December 8, 2008

The Champions: Jeff Soh

Okay okay i know u seen the champions before on but this is special. Last week, during the weekends, 16 duelists went head to head in a tournament in a battle for some very worthwhile prizes (1st prize included 2 Brionac, dragon of the ice boundary) and Jeff Soh aka kkBz on managed to win it all and beat the competition. This tourney was held in Comics.D.Legacy a shop in Singapore and i think i'll stop talking and go straight to the deck. But beforehand, i wish to congratulate Soh for his achievement. And special thanks to Beckoning of the mighty- for the decklists and stuff. Thats the guy in green in the picture above

Here's the decklist of the Winner, Jeff.

Deck Name: dAxAb

Monster: 19
Dark Armed Dragon x2
Emissary Of Hades, Gorz x1

Destiny Hero Malicious x3

Mezuki x3

Zombie Master x2

Goblin Zombie x3

Zombie Carrier x2

Krebons x2

Psychic Commander x

1Magic: 16

Allure of Darkness x3

Emergency Teleport x2

Burial From Different Dimension x3

Monster Reborn x1

Card of Destruction x1

Foolish Burial x2

Heavy Storm x1

Giant Trunade x1

Card Of Safe Return x2

Trap: 5

Crush Card Virus x1

Torrential Tribute x1

Raigeki Break x3

Side Deck: 15

D.D Crow x2

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter x3

Compulsory Evacuation Device x2

Malevolent Catastrophe x3

Threatening Roar x2

Lightning Vortex x1

Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Extra Deck: 15

Broniac, Dragon Of The Ice Boundary x3

Death Kaiser Dragon x1

Revived Lord Hades x1

Goyo Guardian x2

Black Rose Dragon x1

Dark Dive Bomber x1

Stardust Dragon x2

Dark End Dragon x1

Mental Sphere demon x1

Colossal Fighter x1

Red Daemon Dragon x1

OK here i included everything including the deck's sidedeck and its extra deck. What makes this deck so special and different than most other decks is that you just cant miss to see the consistency. This deck almost reminds me of a Magic the Gathering decklist as it runs everything it can in multiples and the only card that arent run in multiples are the semi limited ones or limited ones.

The monster line up looks extremely good as the entire strategy of an Undead synchro deck is there. The only special thing we see in there are the psychic monsters. Psychic monsters combined with emergency teleport is like the nitrox for a certain deck its speed and everything rolled in one. Most undead synchro do not play this and thus miss out on the consistency. In here the main reason that Jeff is running the psychics is probably of its level 3 tuner : psychic commando. Commander is level 3 meaning its the perfect card to bring out dark dive bomber!

DDB is probably one of the best synchros around and its power cannot be denied. I tried out dark dive bomber and it was amazing! Games that cannot be won can be won. Games can be turned because of its burn strategy. And the most rewarding part is decks that run Solemn judgment better watch out for DDB its coming to kill you. When a person plays DDB his opponent are gonna think twice abt those solemns. If he solemns DDb guess what? Ur Dark Arm Dragon and other synchros can come out without any worries (:

Next up is Gorz, gorz is just amazing and no one can deny that. It can turn games and acts as a trick. It turns game upside down wrecking ur opponent;s mind on whether he should attack. Ending ur first turn with an empty field usually means Gorz , or could it? ;) Gorz provides trickery. And in a deck like zombie synchro its too easy to draw with 3 allure, 2 teleports and COSR running wild. Besides in this format anyything can happen and that means ur opponent could clear ur field anytime so Gorz is just a vital card to play in decks.

Now most players would run 3 emergency teleports in the deck but Jeff made a wise choice to play only 2. In a deck that draws like crazy its very frequent to clog ur hand with the psychics and that would render the teleports useless. jeff decided to run only 2 because he did not wan useless cards in his hand and deck and minimzed that possibility. By cutting one teleport from the build, that allowed him space to run more cards and more tech options.

Giant trunade is a card that is very very important. Wise players can make use of the situation and trick ur opponent by returning the entire S/T zone back to the hand. That would let his opponent think he is vulnerable and commit to taking out Jeff's monster field. Then they attack and letting jeff call out Gorz and turn back the game. By then his opponent had already wasted his cards to take out the past field and thus, cannot handle Gorz letting it run rampant. Also, it can be a card if u want to safely kill the opponent because that would render his opponent vulnerable to all sort of effects and attacks.

Now some players may think running card destruction is useless. This card remains a strong pick here, as it is in virtually all Zombie variants. It’s actually a tremendous card for most strategies right now, as we’ve seen in the instances where it was splashed into Day 2 decks at recent Jumps and japan tourneys. CD is a card everyone should be thinking of at the moment when duelists build a new deck — it’s speed and disruption rolled into one. So why not? =D

Raigeki break is a great tech card because it can discard cards and its better that phoenix wing wind blast. We are playing the OCG not the TCG therefore the players are not concentrating on bringing out Mental sphere deamon. Imagine going against decks like anti-meta or u wan to get rid of cards such anti-spell fragrance, dimension fissure or stuff like that. Think about it PWWB is useless it may slow the opponent down a turn but he gets the card back n ur problem still remains unsolved. Break however takes care of the opponent's card easily and effortlessly. Besides that u can use it to destroy ur opponent's monster to ensure ur opponent's graveyard isnt at 3 darks so Dark arm dragon cant come out. Apart from that bouncing back Judgment dragon ddoesnt solve any problem either. But u can wait till Judgment dragon effect comes out then chain break to destroy the dragon once and for all.

Jeff has created a monster that has destruction, surprise and consistency rolled all in one and earning 1st place. Expect to see ppl copying the decklist and trying it out for themselves =)
Thats the end of the post. happy netdecking =)

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